Couple's wedding ruined after photographer ghosts them on the day

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

A devastated groom has taken to Reddit to rant after her wedding photographer failed to show up on her big day. 

To make matters worse, the bride and groom are both professional photographers themselves and hired the woman because she had such a good name in the industry and was known for producing beautiful snaps. 

A photographer failed to show up on a couple's big day. Photo: Getty Images

The whole thing started after they noticed that the photographer was nowhere to be seen right before their 1pm ceremony was about to start. 

“I text her to see if she’s running late. My best man calls her. She tells him she forgot about the wedding and can’t make it and says she can send someone else. It’s already 20 minutes past the hour. Everything is running late,” the groom wrote online.  

“The other photographer says it’ll take him 20 minutes to get there putting us almost an hour behind schedule. This was not acceptable. We tell him not to bother because we need to start the ceremony and can’t wait any longer.”

The man goes on to say that he’s been in the wedding photography business for a few years now and has never forgotten about somebody’s wedding date.  

“We were and are still devastated. We wanted so badly to be on the receiving end of what we love to do. We wanted to make a date night out of going through our gallery and reliving our day. We wanted to decorate our new home with photos from our wedding. That was all taken from us. We will never experience that day again,” he said. 

The couple were left devastated after they had nobody to snap them on their wedding day. Photo: Getty Images

The groom said the photographer in question actually snapped his friend's wedding and they had been so excited to work with her.

“She takes beautiful photographs. Her work is stunning. We wanted that so badly,” he said, adding that he’s wondering if they should write a bad review of her online.

“Absolutely should assassinate her career. If you f**k up as something as key as wedding photography, people have every right to go scorched earth on your career,” one person said. 

“This is my worst nightmare! I can easily see how this can happen, especially with low key brides that don't reach out the week before the wedding to confirm everything. After all, these jobs are booked sometimes a year or two in advance,” one person said, standing up for the photographer. 

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