Photo of child opening BIG W toy sparks fury: 'So upset'

Christmas took a sad turn for one mum when her son unwrapped his gift.

A mum has slammed discount department chain BIG W after her child received a devastating surprise after opening his Christmas present.

The BIG W shopper posted on Facebook explaining that all her son wanted from Santa was a scooter, and for months he would talk about the scooter and would not change his mind.

She purchased a Bluey scooter for her son for Christmas from BIG W online as she lives two hours away from her closest store.

However, Christmas took a sad turn for the family when her son unwrapped the highly-anticipated Christmas gift.

A boy unwrapping a Bluey scooter on Christmas Day.
The mum said her son was devastated when he unwrapped his scooter. Source: Facebook/BIGWmums

"He opened it up and it had no handle, only base where you stand and where the wheels are," she explained.

"We are furious, devastated and so upset. (Also not the only thing he received that was missing parts) even Mummy and Daddy were in tears."

The woman ended her post asking how she could go about exchanging it and others commented it was a valuable lesson to check the products before gifting them.


"Open your stuff before you wrap it, if it means that much to your kids and Christmas will be ruined and mum and dad will be in tears along with the kids, check things are all working and contain all parts before Christmas day," one wrote.

"If I’ve learnt anything with kids' toys … check before you buy …. I got caught out one year but never again! Sorry it happened to you!" another shopper sympathised.

"Sounds like lots of issues with lots of products this year. When I went to collect my order a whole bag was missing, when it was located it had been opened and taped back up but with 4 items missing one being the only thing my daughter asked for," a third added.

"Very disappointed this year."

General view of a BIG W department store in Brisbane.
BIG W said occasionally products could be faulty but shoppers can always return them. Source: AAP

The mum responded to one of the comments she should have checked the box but she didn't think about it due to it being all sealed up.

Other shoppers responding to the mum's post said the Christmas Day disappointment could serve as a good lesson for her child.

"I know it’s upsetting but it’s also a good life lesson for kids (and adults) that s*** happens and it’s how we handle things that matter the most," one commented.

"Becoming 'furious, devastated, upset and then crying' over a missing part seems a little over the top to me.

"Yes it’s not great, but it’s also important that all kids (even three-year-olds) learn that mistakes happen. Remaining calm and positive about the situation will teach the child that it’s ok that mistakes happen and set them up to react in a healthy way when they are disappointed later on in life.

"You can literally buy a scooter the next day for $10 and I’m sure he has many other toys to play with."


A BIG W spokesperson told Yahoo Lifestyle products sold in BIG W stores were "occasionally faulty or defective".

"At BIG W we aim to provide great value and quality products to Aussie families," the spokesperson said in a statement.

"Occasionally, faulty or defective products are purchased and we encourage those customers to return them to their local BIG W with proof of purchase or contact our customer service team on 1300 244 999."

Further details about the store's return policy can be found online here.

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