Pete Evans unrecognisable in throwback snap

Sarah Carty
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Pete Evans unrecognisable in throwback snap

He’s the controversial celebrity chef who’s known for his love of the Paleo lifestyle, but Pete Evans has proved his diet isn’t the only things thats changed over the years.

In a snap posted to the 46-year-old My Kitchen Rules judge’s Instagram account, he can be seen leaning up against a white car as a 16-year-old on the Gold Coast.

“I don’t have many photos from my youth, but found this one from about 30 years ago when I was 16/17 years old living on the Gold Coast and about to finish high school and move out of home and start my cooking apprenticeship and explore what it means to be human,” Pete said in the caption.

“What a fun and memorable journey it has been so far and I am truly grateful for this gift of life and there is still so much to learn, understand, manifest, grow, remember and watch unfold......”

He went on to say that The Cult was his favourite band at the time, which can clearly be seen by the hat he’s wearing.


Pete has made headlines over the years for his beliefs, most recently coming under fire for his alkaline water.

The Ad Standards Community panel found the alkaline water business, Alka Power, made incorrect claims about the health benefits of the drink, including its ability to “increase” bone density and fight peptides.

The celebrity chef is also a huge fan of activated almonds and raw milk and in 2016 he came under fire for saying sunscreen is full of poisonous chemicals.

Pete is set to appear on Channel Seven’s Sunday Night to talk about the pros and cons of cannabis this Sunday night.

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