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Period undies are becoming increasingly popular, but which ones actually work?
Period undies are becoming increasingly popular, but which ones actually work?

While periods have been around since the beginning of time, period underwear is relatively new.

First emerging to the market in 2013, its eight years has seen a steady growth with consumers who are throwing away the disposable pads and tampons for good and trusting in reusable period undies.

And with the trend taking off there are more brands creating period undies and promising results, but do they actually work?

To help you narrow down the search, the team at Choice have done the work for you. In an Australian first, Choice recruited 56 volunteers to trial different types of period undies from Bonds, Modibodi, Thinx, Eco Period and Love Luna with each pair trialled a minimum of 30 times.

“Period undies are becoming increasingly popular as people look for eco-friendly alternatives to pads and tampons, so we wanted to examine just how well different brands perform,” says CHOICE consumer expert, Marianna Longmire.


The volunteers trialled two pairs for each brand: one for daytime (moderate absorbency or closest equivalent), and a different pair for overnight (heavy absorbency or closest equivalent). On average, the undies were worn for 9.4 hours.

The score they gave the undies is made up of the Triallist overall score (35%), performance, (35%), comfort (20%) and ease of use (10%).

"You deserve to have rigorous and independent testing on all the products you rely on, from washing powder to period undies,” Longmire adds.

"We hope that publishing and discussing our period underwear review will also help to reduce some of the stigma that still exists around periods."

Here is our pick of the top six:

#1 Modibodi Seamfree Full Brief - $33

Black high waisted period underwear from Modibodi.
Modibodi's period underwear has been voted as the best in all categories.

Score: 80%

Absorbency: Moderate-heavy

Best feature: Volunteers said they are “soft, stretchy-silky material feels really luxurious and comfortable" and "wasn't bulky, felt like I was wearing regular underwear".

#2 Bonds Bloody Comfy Period Full Brief - $29.99

Product image of Bonds' bloody comfy period undies in black with the tag on the front.
Bonds' bloody comfy undies have been hailed as an "amazing product."

Score: 76%

Absorbency: Heavy

Best feature: "​I like how you don't have any mess, as everything is absorbed and doesn't leave the underwear.”

#3 Modibodi Seamfree Full Brief - $35

Caucasian woman stands with her back turned in black Modibodi period undies and a white crop tshirt.
Modibodi period undies are available in a variety of cuts and absorbency thicknesses. Source: Modibodi

Score: 76%

Absorbency: Heavy-overnight

Best feature: "They provided a lot of protection, especially with the absorbent layer right up to the [back] waistband." said one volunteer. "Never experienced any leakage… these have my full trust during the night."

#4 Bonds Bloody Comfy Period Full Brief - $24.99

A female model wears black Bonds bloody comdy period undies.
Bonds' bloody comfy period undies hold up to three tampons. Source: Bonds

Score: 75%

Absorbency: Moderate absorbency

Best feature: "I thought the thickness of the pad was perfect for daytime – the perfect amount of thickness to feel protected without feeling like you're wearing something heavy duty."

#5 Eco Period Orgaknix Super Boyleg - $39.90

Caucasian girl wears black mid-rise Eco Orgaknix period undies with a white crop tshirt.
Eco Orgaknix period undies include an EcoTech 4 layer technology designed to absorb up to 60ml. Source:

Score: 75%

Absorbency: Super

Best feature: "It was a firm fit so they did not move around. The good-sized pad area/gusset goes right up the back of the undies, so I can't see them leaking overnight."

#6 Thinx Super Cotton Brief - $US39 ($54.99 AUD)

A mid shot of a caucasian woman wearing black period underwear.
Complete the online quiz at Thinx to help decide which undies are best for you. They also offer a 60-day trial and free returns! Source: Nourished Life

Score: 73%

Absorbency: Super

Best feature: "These were comfortable, fit well and worked great. I had no fears of staining my bedsheets when wearing these to bed."

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