Here Are 16 Of The Absolute Best Films About Friends Who Become Lovers, Including Some Surprising Platonic Pairs Like Shrek & Donkey

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite films about friends who became lovers, and they seriously did not disappoint with their responses. The responses were so genius that some even offered truly inspired examples of foes turned friends, and their reasonings are totally justified.

Here's what they had to say:

🚨 This post contains spoilers! 🚨

1.How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Kate Hudson, in a floral dress, holds a potted plant while talking to Matthew McConaughey wearing a casual green shirt, in a scene from a movie

2.The Hating Game

A man and woman, both casually dressed, share a moment while holding a drink in a warmly lit indoor setting

3.The Proposal

Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock, in business attire, stand at a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services counter, interacting with an officer

4.Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Rey faces Kylo Ren in a dramatic battle scene from "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker." Rey wields a lightsaber. The setting is a wrecked, futuristic structure


Sylvester Stallone in a patterned sweater and Carl Weathers in a grey suit stand together at a press event with microphones

6.When Harry Met Sally

Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal crouching on the floor, deep in conversation, in a scene from "When Harry Met Sally." Ryan holds a water bottle


Charlie Cox and Claire Danes in a dramatic scene, with Cox wearing a long coat and Danes holding his arm in a dimly lit room filled with debris

8.It Happened One Night

Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert sit together in a scene from the 1934 movie "It Happened One Night," both dressed in 1930s attire
Courtesy Everett Collection

9.Toy Story

Buzz Lightyear and Woody from Toy Story are in an animated scene where Buzz is energetically talking to a surprised Woody

10.The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement

Anne Hathaway helps a man aim a bow and arrow in an outdoor setting, both dressed in casual elegant attire

11.You've Got Mail

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan stand at a store counter, looking at a clerk off-screen

"I just love watching Joe evolve to be better for Kathleen."


Warner Bros./ Courtesy: Everett Collection


Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, and Lord Farquaad standing together on a cobblestone street in a medieval town in the movie "Shrek."

"How did nobody say Shrek? He gets a donkey and a princess — that’s a goddamn twofer."


DreamWorks/courtesy Everett

13.10 Things I Hate About You

Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles, in formal attire, pointing forward in a scene from a movie. Heath in a suit, Julia in a dress with a shawl


Nida Khurshid and Marisa Devins stand outside, dressed in medieval-style attire with wooden structures and greenery in the background

15.'Til There Was You

Man and woman posing in front of a column; the man has arms crossed, and the woman has long hair and a floral skirt, both are smiling


Paramount / courtesy Everett Collection

16.Finally, Step Brothers

Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly pose together, both wearing light shirts and argyle sweater vests, smiling at the camera against a neutral backdrop

"I said what I said."


Columbia Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection

So what do you think? Tell us in the comments below which friends-to-lovers films didn't make this list that you absolutely adore.

The above community submissions have been edited for length, clarity, and grammar.