People Have A Lot Of Conflicting Feelings About Team USA's Closing Ceremony Look

It's Olympics season!

The image shows the Paris 2024 Olympic mascot standing on a balcony overlooking a courtyard of a modern building complex
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Yesterday, we posted about Team USA bringing their own air conditioners to Paris.

A window air conditioning unit is installed in a partially open window of a house
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Today, we'll tackle the closing ceremony looks.

Athletes wearing Team USA white jackets pose at a ceremony while wearing face masks

^That was the Closing Ceremony look from the Tokyo games.

Dan Mullan / Getty Images

The outfits are, as usual, designed by Ralph Lauren.

A person wearing a white jacket with the "United States Olympic Team" logo on the back. The logo includes the American flag and Olympic rings
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Here's the Open Ceremony outfits, in case you were wondering:

And here's the Closing Ceremony ones:

People have a lot of opinions about this one!

People either love it, or they hate it.

A user named isabasa commented, "I don't like it," while another user named caydenritz commented, "Looks so good!"

The overall consensus is: "Are they Nascar drivers?"

Screenshot of social media comments. porkchop971 asks, "Are they nascar drivers?" p_tye responds, "It's giving Ricky Bobby."

"Has Nascar become an Olympic sport," one person said.

Text from image: "flamealivepod 1w Has NASCAR become an Olympic sport?"

"It's giving Ricky Bobby," another person said.

Comment by theaccidentalhippie: "It's giving Ricky Bobby" with an American flag emoji

Other people brought up the heat. "Why are they wearing Winter clothes?" this person asked.

Instagram comment by thenatfox: Aren't these the summer games? Why are they wearing winter clothes?

But not everyone is so bitter about them.

Comments with heart and clapping emojis from users noriscuervo, mariapaulamatallana, and verym._ on an Instagram post

"These are fire y'all are crazy," this person said.

Instagram comment from user davidslavtcheff saying, "These are fire y’all are crazy," posted one week ago

"These are fresh!" another person chimed in.

Instagram comment by noelaninicole from 1 week ago reads, "These are fresh!"

Ultimately, I'm with this person, "NASCAR on the moon. Nailed it."

Instagram comment by mmrossmann: "Inspiration- nascar on the moon. Nailed it."

Thoughts, feelings, concerns?

Display of Team USA 2024 Olympic uniforms featuring a mannequin in a blazer and jeans, another in a white tracksuit, and another in branded attire
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