Penrith's Best Burgers! | Testing the Best Ep. 10

Once upon a time you would have been forgiven for thinking the Penrith food scene was not worthy of the hour drive west of Sydney. These days however, as Burger heavyweights slowly call Penrith home, the options are endless when it comes to mouth-watering burgs, worthy of the ‘gram.

On episode 10 of Testing The Best, we shine a spotlight on Penrith’s cult-favourites — not an easy task when there is some serious competition happening out there!

Here’s where we ate:

Burger Head:

In my humble opinion, Burger Head was one of the first to put Penrith on the map. Headed up by Richard Borg and Josh DeLuca (both Penrith locals), they first worked as chefs for the likes of Quay and Momofuku Seiobo before returning home to create the mother of all burger restaurants.

Impressive resumes aside, their cheeseburgers are unlike any other featuring a secret BH sauce and delicious smashed patty. You can honestly never go wrong when you have a craving for Burger Head!

Burger Head is one of Penrith's BEST.
Burger Head is one of Penrith's BEST.

Five Guys:

Were we shocked that international burger chain Five Guys chose the mighty Penrith as its first EVER Aussie store…? Maybe a little, but we’re SO glad they did. The iconic American brand has helped place Penrith well and truly on the radar when it comes to the ultimate burger destination.

Whilst there have been whispers Five Guys may be a tad on the pricey side, they are simply heavenly to eat. Once you choose a base, all your toppings are FREE which is a total vibe if you ask us. Their fries are cooked in peanut oil and their shakes are basically ice cream. Whilst it might not be something you could eat every day, their burgers taste fresh and nostalgic — like your local corner shop.

There's a good reason so many are flocking to try these burgers.
There's a good reason so many are flocking to try these burgers.

Big Daddy's Burger Bar:

Ok, this is not strictly a Penrith-only gem, but it is still worth a place on our list. Their unmistakable red and white checkered branding makes you feel like you’re in a diner from the 50s, and their burger range runs deep with iconic menu items like ‘Morning Glory’ and ‘Who’s Your Daddy?’.

If you’re into things like curly fries (and who isn’t?) then this is the place for you! We love the endless options of unique tasting burgers that will satisfy any taste buds.

Can't go wrong with curly fries.
Can't go wrong with curly fries.

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