Patrick Brammall and Harriet Dyer on 12-year age gap: 'Awkward'

On-screen and off-screen couple Patrick Brammall and Harriet Dyer have spilled on their 12-year age gap and how it inspired some of the comedic elements from their new show Colin From Accounts.

The new BINGE show, which premieres on December 1, features Patrick and Harriet as Gordon and Ashley, who are brought together unexpectedly by a car accident and an injured dog. When they can't find the dog's owner, they must take care of him together – despite not knowing each other at all.

Colin From Accounts stars Patrick Brammall and Harriet Dyer
Colin From Accounts stars, co-creators and real-life couple Patrick Brammall and Harriet Dyer spill on their 12-year age gap. Photo: BINGE

The rom-com, which was also written and created by the pair, sheds some hilarious light on what it's like for a woman in her late 20s and a guy in his early 40s to navigate a relationship together, with Patrick and Ashley explaining how they used their own age gap to their advantage.

"Well, we are 12 years apart," Harriet told us when asked if they experience any of the same challenges as their characters in the show.

"It's not a problem for us, but it's a gold mine for comedy, the 12 years between us," Patrick added.


"It'll only be a problem for us when he's 82 and I've still got it at 70, do you know what I mean?" Harriet joked.

"I might still have it at 82, you don't know!" he responded.

"I don't think so," Harriet added with a laugh, as Patrick continued, "I think so!"

Harriet then pointed out that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have a 12-year age gap, with Patrick jokingly responding, "And they worked out great!"

Patrick and Harriet star as Gordon and Ashley in Colin From Accounts
Patrick and Harriet star as Gordon and Ashley, two single(ish) people who are brought together unexpectedly by a car accident and an injured dog. Photo: BINGE

She continued, saying, "It's never come up for us, except once, someone asked me at an airport –"

"Which is in the show, we put this in the show," Patrick prefaced the story.

"We did! At an airport, we'd just landed from LA, so I was looking particularly, I don't know, I guess makeup free and adorable? And Patty was looking haggard," Harriet said with a smile.

"It was a 15-hour flight, come on!" he jokingly hit back.

"And we were waiting for a coffee at Sydney airport and... Patty went to go to the toilet, and this woman came up and she goes, 'Sorry, sorry, is your dad in that show?' And I was like, 'Oh my God... which show?'" she laughed.

"Her dad," Patrick added, very seriously.

"Yeah! Dad! And then she went, 'Glitch,' and I went, 'Yeah, also, he's my boyfriend,' and she was like, 'Oh my God, oh my God, don't tell him I said that!' And then, as soon as Pat walked back, I was like, 'Hey Dad!'

Harriet Dyer and Patrick Prammall get married
The couple was married just five days after Patrick proposed to Harriet last year. Photo: Instagram/Patrick Brammall

"It was disgusting," she added. "But, I don't know, it's not come up for us otherwise! Because I'm very wise, beyond my years."

Patrick laughed, adding, "We can cut that out!"

Referencing episode seven of the show, where Patrick's character throws Harriet's character a disastrous birthday party, she added, "Ep seven was a big one to just mine that because there's comedy in 12 years apart, especially when someone's 40 and someone's 28, like the whole 30s is missing and 30s is massive for people!

"So we wanted to really accentuate it for at least a whole episode, where he's just a fish out of water around all these, kind of, 'young folk.'"

"I'm trying to host this young person's party, and I get it all wrong, and all her cool, hip mates show up, and they're all hot and doing their thing, and I'm dressed wrong, and it's pretty awkward," Patrick shared.

Spoiler alert, while awkward, it does make for a very funny episode!

Colin From Accounts will be available to stream on BINGE on December 1.

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