Pat Sajak leaves ‘Wheel of Fortune’ June 7 with ‘Thanks for the Memories’ retrospective

Pat Sajak’s nearly 43-year run as the host of “Wheel of Fortune” will reportedly end June 7 following a week of looking back at his time on the popular TV game show.

Sajak’s last episode, which was taped more than a month ago, caps off a weeklong series of shows called “Thanks for the Memories,” according to NewsNation.

The 77-year-old host said in June 2023 “the time has come” for him to announce his retirement from the nationally televised program, which he joined in 1981 when it was on during the daytime. In 1982, he teamed-up with letter-turning model Vanna White. A year later, “Wheel of Fortune” became the popular prime time lead-in its been for more than four decades.

White will stay with the show after television personality Ryan Seacrest, 49, takes over for Sajak, whose 28-year-old daughter, Maggie Sajak, will reportedly fill in for White on occasion.

White told People she thought about leaving “Wheel of Fortune” with Sajak, but decided to stick around for a few more turns of the wheel.

“I know everything about him,” she claimed. “He knows everything about me.”

It’s unclear if Sajak’s final appearances will intersperse “Wheel of Fortune” highlights with recently taped competitions or focus solely on memorable moments from the game show’s past. A “Wheel of Fortune” representative hasn’t responded to a Daily News request for clarification.