Outrage over Ooshies 'scammer' after rant backfires

Kristine Tarbert
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People are literally going crazy for the Lion King Ooshies. Photo: Woolworths

If you haven’t yet worked out what on earth Ooshies are you are not alone.

But if you have, the fact there is some fierce craziness about the Lion King-themed collectables available at Woolworths might not surprise you.

Ooshies are small toys that sit on top of a pencil, and you can get one for every $30 you spend when shopping at Woolworths. But it turns out people will do anything to get their hands on more.

Now one shopper has been roasted online after posting a rant on Facebook about not getting any ‘free’ Ooshies - using someone else’s receipt.

In a post shared to the Kmart Roasts & Unhacks page on Facebook, the unnamed shopper affectionately dubbed Brenda, reveals she found a receipt in a basket which said the person had earned 13 Ooshies.

“So I take it up to the register and politely explain and the guy says they can’t give them to me,” the shopper had written in a post to Woolworths.

“This person didn’t even collect them. Why shouldn’t someone else be able to collect them instead. You’re all just a bunch of slugs.”

A shopper complained to Woolworths after not getting 'free' Ooshies. Photo: Facebook

While she might have thought others would agree with her take on the matter, most of the people who read the comment in the Facebook group were definitely of a different opinion.

“Brenda’s over here trying to get something for nothing,” the image was captioned, along with a few eye-roll emojis.

The post has since gone viral, with over 800 mostly outraged comments.

“That's like trying to claim a lottery win on someone's else's ticket you found. Not entitled,” one person wrote.

“I guess she thought she was entitled to a refund to the products listed on the receipt as well,” a third comment read.

Many also took the term slugs and rolled with it.

“It’s a slug alright,” one quipped.

“Please use 'slugs' as an insult effective immediately,” another joked.

Sadly there were also a few who admitted they would probably try the same thing if it were them.

“100% something I would do,” one comment read.

“Just don’t explain and tell them you didn’t collect,” another suggested.

The shopper had found the receipt in a basket. Photo: Getty

Some also mentioned the supermarket has been trying to prevent such behaviour by marking used receipts whether or not shoppers wanted to collect the Ooshies.

“The lady at woolies actually marked my receipt when I collected them,” one woman wrote.

“I had my receipt stamped too, even though I did not want any,” another added.

Ooshies to combat Coles Little Shop success

After Coles announced Little Shop 2 would be returning after its inaugural run last year, Woolworths followed suit, confirming the release of their own miniature collectables in the shape of Lion King-themed Ooshies.

As this year’s craze reaches fever pitch, with some Ooshies being listed on Ebay for $20,000, shoppers are clearly doing what they can to get their hands on as many as possible as quickly as they can.

A Woolworths customer recently claimed she witnessed a shopper buying up a trolley-load of Lion King Ooshies collector cases.

“One person just up and bought all of the Lion King Ooshies collector boxes and not one staff member thought to stop them,” Adelaide woman Shelby said on Facebook.

Along with her post, Shelby included a photo of what appeared to be dozens of the boxes inside one trolley.

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