'It's evil!': Mother in law organises vow renewal on son's wedding day

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

A mother in law wanting to steal the spotlight on the big day isn’t necessarily a new concept, but planning to use your child’s wedding day for your own event - that takes things to a whole new level.

A bride-to-be took to Facebook to reveal the destination wedding she had been planning was going to be hijacked by her future mother in law, who had organised to do a vow renewal for the same day.

Imagine having someone try to steal your wedding day. Photo: 20th Century Fox

“My fiancé and I just found out yesterday that my future mother-in-law has made arrangements to have her vows renewed at our destination wedding,” she wrote. “On the same day. Two hours prior to our ceremony. At the same location. Because... wait for it... she wants the day to be special for her also.”

The post was so outrageous it was quickly picked up and shared in multiple Reddit threads.

“It can’t just be the bride’s big day, you know?” one person quipped, sharing the post.

Of course it quickly garnered a huge reaction with many labelling the mother ‘evil’ and calling her plan ‘unacceptable’.

“Shut the front door,” was one person’s shocked response.

“You’d think the fact her son is getting married would make the day special enough for her...but nope,” another thought.

“This is wholly unacceptable. Renewing your vows at the same location like the next day or something is one thing. But literally the same day is just disgusting,” a third person exclaimed.

While a fourth called the mother’s plan “evil” but “ingenious if you have absolutely no scruples”.

“It's essentially a free destination wedding for herself (sunk cost of having to go to her son's wedding anyway), complete with everyone she would invite anyway being there too and a free party/reception afterwards.”

A few agreed the mother was perhaps just trying to use the already paid for wedding as an easy option for her own vow renewal.

But others offered a few suggestions to throw off her plan.

“Change the destination. Tell everyone else but her,” one person said.

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