'Outlander' Season 7 Part 2's Release Date Is Surprisingly Far Off

Caítriona Balfe, Sam Heughan

The first half of Diana Gabaldon’s time-traveling epic romance Outlander series' extra-long seventh season left us with a couple of cliffhangers: What will Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caítriona Balfe) discover on their return to Scotland and Lallybrach and will Roger (Richard Rankin) and Bree (Sophie Skelton) find their kidnapped son, who they think has been taken through the stones back to the 18th century?

Want all the news about what's in store for our favorite swoony drama? Keep reading for everything we know about Outlander Season 7 Part 2.

What is the Outlander Season 7 Part 2 release date?

Outlander premiered its seventh season on June 16, 2023, but only half of the 16 episodes of the supersized season aired. The other eight are being held until November 2024 STARZ has revealed.

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What are the titles of the episodes for the first half of Outlander Season 7?

The titles of the Season 7 Part 1 episodes:

  • Episode 1 – “A Life Well Lost”

  • Episode 2 – “The Happiest Place on Earth”

  • Episode 3 – “Death Be Not Proud”

  • Episode 4 – “A Most Uncomfortable Woman”

  • Episode 5 – “Singapore”

  • Episode 6 – “Where the Waters Meet”

  • Episode 7 – “A Practical Guide for Time Travelers”

  • Episode 8 – “Turning Points”

What are the titles of the episodes for the second half of Outlander Season 7?

The first two episode titles for Season 7 Part 2 have been revealed:

  • Episode 9 – “Unfinished Business”

  • Episode 10 – “Brotherly Love

Plus, the good news is that Gabaldon wrote an episode for the season. She tweeted: "I wrote the script for Ep. 714. Consulted on all the rest."

Is there a trailer for Season 7 Part 2 of Outlander?

Watch the first-look trailer which finds the Frasers once again in danger and Jamie cautions, "A storm is coming."

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Which Outlander cast members are returning for Season 7 Part 2?

All of the main Outlander cast are returning for the next season, and there may even be new cast members based on where the story is heading. These are the cast members slated to return:

<p>Courtesy STARZ</p>

Courtesy STARZ

Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser

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Caítriona Balfe<p>Courtesy STARZ</p>
Caítriona Balfe

Courtesy STARZ

Caítriona Balfe as Claire Fraser

Sophie Skelton as Brianna Randall Fraser McKenzie

Richard Rankin<p>Courtesy STARZ</p>
Richard Rankin

Courtesy STARZ

Richard Rankin as Roger McKenzie

John Bell as Young Ian



David Berry as Lord John Grey

Charles Vandervaart
Charles Vandervaart

Charles Vandervaart as William Ransom

Izzy Meikle-Small
Izzy Meikle-Small

Izzy Meikle-Small as Rachel Hunter

Joey Philliips<p>Courtesy: STARZ</p>
Joey Philliips

Courtesy: STARZ

Joey Phillips as Dr. Denzell Hunter

With the Frasers return to Scotland in Part 2 of Outlander Season 7, will there be any familiar faces returning?

That's a definite yes... sort of! Jamie's sister Jenny Murray is returning but the role has been recast. Laura Donnelly, who previously played the part, wasn't available due to scheduling conflicts, so Kristin Atherton will now be playing the role.

Lotte Verbeek<p>STARZ</p>
Lotte Verbeek


Also returning -- which indicates some time travel involved as some of these characters are now dead -- will be Geillis Duncan (Lotte Verbeek), Brian Fraser (Andrew Whipp), Dougal MacKenzie (Graham McTavish), Ian Murray (Steven Cree), Joan MacKimmie (Layla Burns) and Laoghaire Fraser (Nell Hudson).

"One of the many joys of our epic story is the element of time travel, which allows us to revisit some of our favorite characters in different times and places, and we're thrilled to welcome back so many familiar faces for season seven," showrunner Matthew B. Roberts told TVLine.

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Did Diana Gabaldon write any episodes of Season 7?

She did. She shared on Twitter that she wrote episode 714.

John Bell<p>STARZ</p>
John Bell


What happened in Outlander Season 7 Part 1?

Part 1 was based on the seventh novel in Gabaldon’s series of books, titled An Echo in the Bone. This synopsis was released by STARZ: 

Following the harrowing events of Season 6, Jamie and Young Ian race to rescue Claire before she’s tried and wrongfully convicted for the murder of Malva Christie. But their mission is complicated by the beginning of a geopolitical firestorm: The American Revolution has arrived. In the seventh season of Outlander, Jamie, Claire, and their family are caught in the violent birth pains of an emerging nation as armies march to war and British institutions crumble in the face of armed rebellion.

The land the Frasers call home is changing – and they must change with it. In order to protect what they’ve built, the Frasers have to navigate the perils of the Revolutionary War. They learn that sometimes to defend what you love, you have to leave it behind. As the conflict draws them out of North Carolina and into the heart of this fight for independence, Jamie, Claire, Brianna, and Roger are faced with impossible decisions that have the potential to tear their family apart.

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Sam Heughan<p>STARZ</p>
Sam Heughan


Caítriona Balfe<p>STARZ</p>
Caítriona Balfe


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Are there any Outlander spoilers for Season 7 Part 2?

Outlander season 7 part 2 will continue the events from Gabaldon's seventh book, An Echo in the Bone, that weren't covered in the first half of the season and then continue on to the eighth book, Written in My Own Blood.

What that means is that Jamie, Claire and Young Ian have left the American Revolutionary War behind and returned to Scotland, where after delivering Jamie's cousin Simon’s (Angus MacFadyen) body, they will visit Lallybrach.

Then, in the 20th century Roger and Bree discovered Rob Cameron kidnapped their son, Jemmy. They think that Rob has taken him through the stones to the 18th century in order to help him find the hidden Jacobite gold near Fraser's Ridge, so look for some time travel as Roger follows them into the past.

Other issues to be dealt with: Will William discover that Jamie is his biological father and what will that mean? Will we see the return of Arch Bug (Hugh Ross) who vowed to punish Young Ian for killing his wife? And who will win Rachel's affections -- Young Ian or William Ransom?

"The second half is even more exciting – it's like the second half does not give you time to breathe," executive producer Maril Davis told Digital Spy. "There are so many ups and down for everyone and so many life moments. I can't even put it into words – the second half is going to be even crazier than the first."

Where can I watch and stream Outlander Season 7 on TV and online?

When it premieres, part 2 of Outlander season 7 will air exclusively on STARZ and the STARZ app. Previous seasons of Outlander are currently available to stream through Amazon, the STARZ app and Hulu.

When did Outlander Season 7 wrap filming?

STARZ announced Friday, Feb. 24, 2023 on its Outlander Twitter account that filming had officially wrapped on the time travel, romantic epic with a post with fun photos of cast members Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser), Caítriona Balfe (Claire Fraser), Richard Rankin (Roger McKenzie), Sophie Skelton (Briana McKenzie) and David Berry (Lord John).

Where was Outlander Season 7 filmed?

Outlander is filmed in Scotland, which doubles for America in the 1770s.

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Richard Rankin, Sophie Skelton<p>STARZ</p>
Richard Rankin, Sophie Skelton


How many episodes will there be in Outlander Season 7?

Season 7 will consist of 16 episodes to make up for the fact that Season 6 was shortened to eight episodes due to COVID-19 and Balfe's pregnancy. Half of those aired last summer. The other half are being held until 2024.

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<em>David Berry, Charles Vandervaart</em><p>STARZ</p>
David Berry, Charles Vandervaart


Has Outlander been picked up for Season 8?

Every good story has to come to end and STARZ announced that while Outlander was renewed for Season 8, it will also be the series’ final season.

“We’re going to go out with a bang and tell the story the way it should be,” John Bell said.

“It’s been an incredible journey,” added Heughan, while Balfe said, “We hope we do you proud.”

"We want a satisfying ending for the show and for the fans and to leave them feeling like, 'Okay, it's really sad but we're satisfied with how this ended.' So there's a lot of pressure and we have been talking to Diana and will continue to do so and will tell her our ending – we want to make sure she's happy as well," Davis told Digital Spy.

The eighth season of Outlander will consist of 10 episodes.

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