Oodie dupes divide opinion: 'It's EXACTLY the same'

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Getting a great dupe is always a winner.

But some are better than others, and Aussies are divided over the quality of some of the dupes of the cosy cult buy Oodie.

Left: A girl stands modelling a light blue Oodie. Right: A girl stands modelling a tiger print dupe Oodie on a white background
Can you tell the difference between an Oodie and the Oodie dupes? Photo: Oodie and

"I have a $29 Reject Shop knock-off and it is EXACTLY the same as the Oodie brand," reveals one customer on the bargain hunter Facebook page, Markdown Addicts Australia.

"I'd be very disappointed if I'd paid more than $40 for it."

Another member agrees: "I have a Bonds reversible oodie and it’s so much nicer & thicker," she writes.

"That that was like $50 on sale."

"I've got an genuine oodie brand and Cotton On. And I agree the cotton on brand is just the same personally," someone else shared.

However, some people believe you can't go past the quality of the original Oodie.

"I found the Oodie fabric to be a higher quality and thicker fleece and sherpa, and all the lining seams are enclosed, including the cuff seams.

"So basically you get what you pay for," says one fan.

"The Oodie is def warmer and a better buy," agreed another.

Want to make up your own mind?

Here are some of our favourite Oodie dupes.


FIL Oversized Hoodie Blanket Plush Warm Fleece Soft Pullover $55 from

This dupe has two big pockets, a hood and is covered in cute bears.

A woman stands in an oversized hoodie with bear and love heart prints on white background
FIL Oversized Hoodie Blanket Plush Warm Fleece Soft Pullover $55 from Photo:

Uggo Wear Adult Corgilicious Giant Fleece Hoodie, $49.95 from

Add a touch of royalty to your loungewear with this corgi print fleece featuring a kangaroo pocket, hood, and cuffed sleeves.

The Uggo Wear Adult Corgilicious Giant pink Fleece Hoodie featuring corgi, paw and bone prints on a white background
Uggo Wear Adult Corgilicious Giant Fleece Hoodie, $49.95 from Photo:

Oversized Hoodie, $31.99 from

This wearable blanket features funky tiger stripes and is made from flannel with a fleecy lining to make it super soft.

A girl stands making in a oversized orange hoodie with tiger stripes making claws with her hands
Oversized Hoodie, $31.99 from Credit:

Looking for the real thing?

These are our favourite genuine Oodies.

Unicorn Oodie, $84

Like all Oodies, the Unicorn is made from toasty-warm Sherpa fleece on the inside and buttery-soft, Toastytek™ flannel fleece on the outside.

Also, who doesn't love unicorns?

A girl stands in a sky blue Oodie featuring cute cartoon unicorn prints
Unicorn Oodie, $84. Photo: Oodie

Cat Oodie, $79

Make like the cats on this super snug Oodie and curl up for a cosy nap.

A young woman stands in a peach Oodie featuring cute cartoon sleeping cats
Cat Oodie, $79. Photo: Oodie

Panda Oodie, $84

Wide eyed and bushy tailed?

This panda Oodie is for you.

A young man sits casually in off white Oodie featuring panda and bamboo shoot prints
Panda Oodie, $84. Photo: Oodie

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