OnlyFans star spots dangerous detail during X-rated chat: 'Aggressive'

One of the top OnlyFans creators has saved a man’s life after noticing a dangerous detail during a saucy video chat.

Belle Grace, who previously worked in healthcare, encouraged her client to get his testicle checked out after she noticed it was larger than usual.

OnlyFans creator Belle Grace looks at the camera in a low cut black top and a bikini
OnlyFans creator Belle Grace noticed a dangerous detail during an X-rated chat. Photo: Instagram/xxbellegracexx

She tells Yahoo Lifestyle that the man was a regular client, and she’d been seeing him for around two years. When she first started chatting with him through the adult subscription platform, she didn’t notice anything unusual.

Over the past six months, Belle realised that one testicle was much larger than the other, and she pushed for him to get it checked out.

“I said honestly, ‘I do think you should get it checked out’. And it took me about four, five weeks to actually convince him,” she recalls.

“He did turn around and say, ‘Look, I’m really embarrassed about it. I don’t actually want to go’. I said, ‘Honestly, just go, you’ll be fine. Just get that peace of mind that everything’s okay’,” she says.


It turns out that her client had an ‘aggressive form’ of testicular cancer, and it was removed immediately to help avoid any further spread.

The client admits his 'embarrassment' about his condition stopped him from seeking help previously.

“I can’t thank Belle enough for encouraging me to make the doctor's appointment. I honestly didn’t think anything was wrong,” he says.

OnlyFans creator Belle Grace wears a shiny bikini underneath a black body fishnet
Belle Grace says she offers 'connection' to her OnlyFans clients. Photo: Instagram/xxbellegracexx

Belle’s eye-watering OnlyFans earnings

Belle is in the 0.1% of top creators, and she earns much more than if she was still working in healthcare.

Originally, she only intended OnlyFans to supplement her income, and never imagined that she would turn her side hustle into her full-time job.

“It ended up with me earning four or five times as much on OnlyFans part-time than I was making full-time at work,” she reveals.

While she used to make approximately $1,250 USD per month as a healthcare worker, she now rakes in between $40,000 and $50,000 USD per month.

The influencer tells us that she adored her job in healthcare, and only quit once a fellow employee sent her OnlyFans account around the office.

While it was ‘the worst’ thing that could happen to her at the time, she’s happy with how everything turned out.

“I just felt uncomfortable being at work you know, just people talking and then it would become an uncomfortable environment. I just ended up leaving quite quickly,” she remembers.

OnlyFans creator Belle Grace wears a pair of black sheer lingerie
The former healthcare worker has had some 'strange' encounters on the platform. Photo: Instagram/xxbellegracexx

Her ‘strangest’ fetish encounter

The OnlyFans creator laughs as she remembers how naive she was when first joining the platform. In a novice move, she wrote that she was ‘fetish friendly’ when in reality, she didn’t even know that some fetishes existed.

“Strangest [fetish] I’d probably say, this was one that I didn’t know [existed]. The giantess one,” she tells us.

“Basically, the men like to think that they’re small, little toy soldiers. Then I’m like the big mistress, powerful woman, and some men like to watch me stand on little toy soldiers — and think it’s them.”

She admits to looking the ‘giantess’ fetish up online because she was completely out of her depth.

It’s not all smooth sailing for Belle during video calls, and while she tries to be prepared, there can still be unexpected surprises.

During one video chat, somebody walked in on her client as they were engaging in X-rated activities. The call was abruptly stopped, and she’s never heard from him again.

“I don’t know if it was his mum, his wife, I don’t know. But they just said his name and then the camera went down…it was just awful for him.

“I was like, ‘Oh my god. What do I do?’,” she says.

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