The one thing you should eat before a workout

There is often a debate about what food to eat before a workout – ideally you want something filling enough to give you energy but not too filling that it will leave you feeling sick no long into your cardio.

However, nutritionists Zoe Bingley Pullin and Jess Sepel reveal that there is one item in particular that will give you just the right amount of energy in time for your sweat sesh.

Nutritionists believe a protein ball is the ultimate pre-workout food that will give you just the right amount of energy. Source: Getty

The pair agreed that a homemade protein ball is the ultimate pre-workout food.

“If you are undertaking some resistance training, adding in some protein may benefit,” Zoe told Yahoo Lifestyle.

Health author and clinical nutritionist Jess agreed, saying gym-goers should have something light and easy to digest on standby.

“A banana, bliss balls, berries or a handful of almonds are great options,” Jess said

“If you’ve got a bit more time, a nourishing smoothie before the gym is great too,” she added.

Snacks are crucial for not having a rumbling tummy when you’re in the gym and Zoe recommends keeping some handy so you can always grab one while you’re on the go.

Alternative snacks Zoe suggests eating is a piece of fruit, one or two brown rice cakes with nut butter or one to two tablespoons of natural yoghurt with berries.

Snacks are crucial to give you energy during your workouts. Source: Getty

Zoe and Jess also revealed whether or not they agree with taking supplements and pre-workout formulas.

“Pre-workout formulas are usually full of caffeine and artificial sweeteners,” Zoe said.

“Due to the high caffeine content, you can develop a dependence on them for energy and the longer you take them the greater tolerance to caffeine you develop and the less effective they are.

“In the place of pre-workout formulas, have a proper coffee or a nutritious pre-workout snack.”

They also don’t recommend Source: Getty

Likewise, Jess claimed she generally wouldn’t recommend pre-workout to gym-goers.

“If you work out in the morning and need an energy boost then a coffee can help or a banana protein smoothie,” Jess said.

“Only people with very specific training goals, like competitive athletes, will need extra workout formulas.”

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