The New 20-Something Series "Queenie" Is Coming To Hulu Very Soon And We Got The Inside Scoop On The Series Adaptation

We're getting another book-to-series adaptation and I can't wait for the world to meet Queenie!

Cover of "Queenie" by Candice Carty-Williams with braided hair illustration and a book club stamp
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The 2019 adult novel by Candice Carty-Williams follows a 25-year-old Black British-Jamaican woman named Queenie Jenkins, who's having a pretty lousy year. From a messy breakup with her long-term boyfriend (who happens to be white) to continuous work woes, Queenie just can't seem to get it right.

Like many of us, she was just trying to find a balance in her life, but she sought out solutions and comfort in all the wrong places...and people. It's an exploration of womanhood, the effects of racism, and becoming our true selves.

Now, we get to see her story play out on-screen! Onyx Collective's Queenie is set to stream on Hulu later this year and stars Dionne Brown as the lead. Check out the first look below:

Poster for "Queenie" showing a woman seated with moving boxes
Hulu / Onyx Collective

We also had a quick chat with Dionne to give us a little insight on the show. Find our exclusive interview below:

BuzzFeed: What attracted you to the role of Queenie?

Dionne: What attracted me to the role was the portrayal of Queenie’s multifaceted person. As people, a lot of our desires and fears are in direct contrast most of the time, and I wanted to portray a character that felt true to my experience as a woman.

BF: What can fans expect from this series adaptation? Will it adhere closely to the novel?

I think the series will stick close to the novel, but it’s also nice to remember that it is adapted from the book heavily. There’s always a slight difference between television and books, but the best bits are here to stay though!

BF: How would you describe balancing life and love/dating in today's world compared to what Queenie deals with in the show?

I wouldn’t describe balancing life and love with much difference, to be honest. Your 20s are such a formative time with dating and trying to create an adult footprint is always confusing, so I’d say they’re quite similar.

Queenie hits Hulu on June 7!

Bellah, Dionne Brown, and Candice Carty-Williams of Onyx Collective's Queenie. 

Bellah, Dionne Brown, and Candice Carty-Williams of Onyx Collective's Queenie.

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