Olympian Emily Seebohm shares family update after fiancé Ryan Gallagher's horror accident

Emily is currently training for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Olympian and reality TV star Emily Seebohm has shared a 'day in the life' video of what it's like to be a new mum training for the Olympics, one week after her fiancé Ryan Gallagher had a horror accident when working on one of his cars.

Emily welcomed their first son Sampson in September last year, after a whirlwind romance with Ryan after they met on the set of The Challenge in 2022.

"Here is a day in my life as a mum and an athlete," Emily said on Instagram, detailing that her day begins with a two-hour training session from 6am while baby Sampson sleeps at his nan's place.

"This week has shattered me, so I'm pretty tired," Emily said.

She then had some pool time with Sampson, while he later went down for his second nap which didn't last long, meaning she missed out on her own nap window. She later took Sampson to his grandparents' place, while she got her nails done, made some muesli slice and pumped some milk for the night ahead.

Emily Seebohm and Ryan Gallagher with baby Sampson
Emily Seebohm and Ryan Gallagher. Photo:

Fans and friends were quick to compliment the Olympian.

"Superwoman! Excited to watch your adventure Em and more to do it for now with bub," one person said. "Incredible," former Olympian Gian Rooney said.


Emily also detailed she does the overnight sessions with Sampson after one person commented they would never be able to get up early for training if they were doing overnight care.

"I do overnights at the moment, it’s 2 wakes pre-night," she commented.

Ryan Gallagher's horror accident

The former MAFS star took to Instagram last week to share he had to undergo a surgery on his hands, after a "fight" with an angle grinder.

"Thank you to every one of the staff at the RBWH who were so bloody lovely the last week, I had a fight with an angle grinder working on one of my cars which got both my hands, tendons and index finger put back together in my left hand and tip of my rude finger reattached and half my fingernail put back in place," he shared.

Ryan Gallagher and son Sampson
Ryan Gallagher and son Sampson. Photo:

"Sampson now wipes my bum. Emily is a powerhouse and I’m thankful for her and her family taking on what I can’t do for Sampson for a little while."

Ryan went on to tell followers not to slide across the gallery if they were squeamish, showing off his injured hand before he was taken to hospital.

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