Nutritionist shares 5 mood-boosting snacks to beat that 3pm slump

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Do you dread the 3pm slump? You’re not alone - many people find their mood and energy hits peaks and dips throughout the day.

Unfortunately, some easy go-to snacks are highly processed and high in sugars. Whilst they might give you a quick energy and mood boost, they often lead to a sugar crash which can leave you feeling even more exhausted and a little moody.

If you find yourself regularly reaching for your snack drawer, and you’re not sure what to fill it with, the following tips from GoodnessMe nutritionist, Malissa Fedele are for you.

Malissa shared with Yahoo Lifestyle her top 5 snack options to satisfy your cravings and boost your mood.

Hand reaches into desk draw to pick up a sugary donut with sprinkles. There is a bite out of the donut.
Nutritionists warn sugary snacks can lead to energy crashes and increased moodiness. Source: Getty Images

5 nutritionist-approved snacks to boost mood and energy

1. Rolled Oats

"Foods rich in complex carbohydrates will provide your body with a slow burn source of energy", says Malissa.

"This slow-burn will ensure that you are not constantly having big highs followed by a crash in energy which can over time lead to mood disturbances.


Organic rolled oats are a great option as they are a complex carb but also very versatile. Add them to a smoothie, make overnight oats or try a pre-made mix like Ceres Organics Super Good Muesli Cacao Crunch."

Ceres Organics Super Good Muesli Cacao Crunch.
Nutritionist Malissa Fedele suggests including complex carbohydrates, for example rolled oats, in your snack drawer for sustained energy and mood support. Source: GoodnessMe

2. Cacao

"Cacao, (yes, chocolate) is a great ingredient when it comes to boosting energy and mood naturally. It contains several compounds and antioxidants that can support energy production. This includes magnesium which is known as an energy-boosting mineral."

Malissa suggests a cacao latte mix such as Jomeis Fine Foods Cacao Latte.

3. Adaptogenic Herbs

Adaptogenic herbs are an ancient form of medicine, commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine. Malissa explained they are often used to "support the body’s reaction to stress (physical, emotional and biological).

"They can boost focus, support energy and endurance. A great way to support a healthy and happy mood."

Malissa suggests a delicious way to increase your intake of adaptogenic herbs is with a latte drink such as Nutra Organics Mermaid Latte. This blend includes Ashwagandha, Panax Ginseng, and Licorice Root.

Nutra Organics Mermaid Latte
Adaptogenic herbs, such as those found in Nutra Organics Mermaid Latte, can boost focus, energy and support your body to manage stress. Source: GoodnessMe

4. Healthy fats / Omega-3 Fatty Acids

"Our brain and hormones are made up of mostly fats so we need to ensure we are incorporating a healthy amount of good fats into our diet.

"Omega-3 fatty acids contain anti-inflammatory properties which support brain function and mood."

Sources of health fats and Omega-3 fatty acids include nuts and hemp seeds. Malissa suggests a spreadable nut butter such as the GoodnessMe Essential Hemp Nut Butter Almond, Chia & Hemp.

Healthy eating for well balanced diet and heart care: overhead view of a group of food rich in healthy fats.
Foods rich in healthy fats and Omega-3 fatty acids are vital for brain and hormone health. Source: Getty Images

5. Gut loving fermented foods

"If you want to support a happy, healthy and consistent mood as well as energy you need to focus on nourishing your gut health," says Malissa.

"Your gut microbiomes support the production of serotonin, your happiness hormones.

Fermented foods are a great way to increase the levels of good bacteria in the gut. Try including some Sauerkraut with your next salad bowl.

Malissa is a clinical nutritionist (BHSc) with special interests in Fertility, Gut Health and Autoimmune Conditions.

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