'You matter': Nurse discovers inspiring messages for hospital staff

Kristine Tarbert
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Photo: TikTok/ti_mo_ri
Photo: TikTok/ti_mo_ri

A nurse on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic in the US has shared a heartwarming clip online revealing encouraging messages left by strangers for workers on their way into the hospital.

Tina, who works at VCU Health, has gone viral after posting the clip on TikTok adding, “Saw these in employee parking”.

The chalk messages and drawings feature notes such as “You are amazing” and “Scrub lives matter”, as well as “no one can do what you do”.

In a hallway inside the VCU Medical Centre the drawings posted on the walls also included inspiring messages such as “Super nurse” and “you’re rocking this”.

The clip has been viewed over 160k times with people adding their own thanks for health care workers in the comments.

“Thank you for stepping up and stepping out when the rest of us need to be staying in,” one person commented.

“This is amazing. There are good people left in this world,” another wrote.

While a third added: “Full body goosebumps. God Bless you all and those on the front lines.”

Over the past few challenging weeks, people all around the world have been expressing their immense gratitude for our #HealthHeroes on TikTok.

The social video platform encouraged users to come together for World Health Day yesterday to show their appreciation for those on the frontline using the hashtag #HealthHeroes and dedicated sticker.

Meanwhile, doctors and nurses have also taken to the platform to creatively share tips in keeping safe during the pandemic, and help them get through the difficult work they are facing.

“The feeling when all of your PPE [personal protective equipment] comes off,” one nurse shared alongside another clip online.

The kind gesture comes after similar messages were left for Centrelink workers in Queensland last month.

Melissa Donnelly, National Secretary of the Community and Public Sector Union, shared one of the messages on Twitter on March 26, left outside a Centrelink office in Townsville that read “Thanks for all your work”.

“All Centrelink workers are doing their best to help you as quickly as possible - please be patient and respectful,” Melissa added.

“This absolutely made my day walking into work this morning,” one staff member responded to the Tweet.

While others shared their messages of support as well.

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