Nudist mum becomes sex coach after losing job amid COVID-19

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A nudist mum has spoken out about finding work as a sex coach after losing her job during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Naturist Molly Spock, from Los Angeles, grew up hating the feel of clothes on her skin and preferred to be naked when at home.

Naturist Molly Spock smiling at the camera
Naturist Molly Spock, from Los Angeles, lost her job amid the pandemic. Photo: Media Drum World/Australscope

Now, Molly, who also works as a yoga instructor, has started sex coaching after losing her waitressing job due to the coronavirus.

Molly says she ‘loves sex’ and ‘loves talking about sex’, and aims to help others find their ‘sexual power’ and ‘unleash the healing that intimacy involves.’

The 32-year-old started to embrace public nudism in 2009 when she visited a nudist resort in Palm Springs, California, spending her days playing tennis and eating meals naked. Molly felt ‘sexy’ and ‘empowered’.

The self-confessed ‘exhibitionist’ enjoyed the freedom she felt without clothes - feeling more connected to herself and the environment around her while nude.

“When I’m nude, I am in my element and feel my most authentic. I feel sexy and confident which I think stems from there being nothing to hide behind,” Molly said.

“I look down at my naked body and see every single part of me. It makes me feel so connected to myself and the environment around me. I also like to walk barefoot and feel the earth underneath my feet.”


Woman with curls smiling at the camera
Molly decided to turn to sex coaching. Photo: Media Drum World/Australscope

Now, she often frequents nude beaches in Southern California and often hikes in the buff.

Molly doesn’t mind people seeing her naked and believes they see it as an opportunity to get naked themselves.

“I don’t consider any of the attention I receive to be negative. When you practice being your most authentic self, you give the people around you the chance to do the same. It creates an environment of love and acceptance," she said.

“I love when people look at me when I’m naked in public. I’m somewhat of an exhibitionist and attract a lot of attention.”

She told her partner, 34-year-old Louis, early on in their relationship that she preferred to be naked, and he has now started to join her by getting nude himself at beaches, hot springs, and whilst out for nature walks.

woman and partner kissing
Molly's partner, Louis, now loved get naked. Photo: Media Drum World/Australscope

“He really enjoys naturism and gets more confident each time he gets naked in public. He says he’s never going looking back," Molly said.

However, Molly’s three-year-old daughter Joey has proven to be her opposite so far enjoying getting dressed up and playing with make-up.

“It’s good to show her that doing something outside of the norm and taking that leap into the unknown is amazing,” Molly said.

Although she has never received negative attention beyond stares when she is publicly naked, Molly is so confident she even opens the front door naked, including to a pizza delivery man who dropped the bag full of condiments he had been holding.

Molly also said she’s becoming increasingly more confident with age. “I can feel my body ageing. My boobs aren’t as perky as they used to be, my stomach isn’t as tight, and I’m getting more wrinkles on my face each year. However, I find myself becoming more confident with being nude in private and in public the older I get,” she said.

Molly, began sex coaching this year and she also started offering professional cuddling services at the same time, which involves intertwining legs and arms with clients. She believes there are many healing qualities to cuddling such as releasing oxytocin and relieving stress.

Words by Ria Newman

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