Now he wants back in? In video, Antonio Brown says 'Patriots have to pay me, may as well make me earn it'

Shalise Manza Young
Yahoo Sports Columnist

A few weeks after claiming he was done with the NFL, Antonio Brown apparently wants back in.

‘Life is beautiful’

On Wednesday, Brown went live on Instagram, likely after a training session - he was drenched in sweat.

“I’m out here at a park; it’s a hot day and I came to the realization is, God is great,” he begins.

It’s a relatively short video, a stream of consciousness of sorts.

Less than a month after declaring himself done with the NFL, Antonio Brown apparently wants back in. (Getty Images)

“Amid the adversity, I found myself at peace, peace is within when you’ve done everything you can, when you’ve done everything right... Started off sixth-round pick, no one even believed in my talent. Life is beautiful, my family is beautiful, my girl is beautiful.

“The best receiver right now is in Miami, at home.”

‘They have to pay me’

Brown brought up the New England Patriots, who released him last month after Brown contacted a woman who accused him of sexual impropriety while she was painting a mural at his Pittsburgh-area home in 2017. Though she has not asked for any money, Brown texted some associates, including the woman in the texts, asking them to look into her financial situation and included a picture of her children.

The Patriots released him after the text messages came to light. Earlier the same week, Brown was named in a federal lawsuit by a woman who had trained him. The woman alleged two instances of sexual assault and a third of forcible rape.

Brown has filed a grievance against New England as well as the Oakland Raiders, seeking to recoup some of the $61 million in guaranteed money that was included in the contracts he signed with the teams.

On Wednesday, Brown told viewers of his Instagram video, “If you follow the Patriots, tell them to call me; they have to pay me, may as well make me earn it.”

There has not been a decision made on Brown’s case against New England, because it hasn’t been heard yet, and is not likely to be heard for months.

Brown was released on a Friday; two days later, in a morning tweetstorm, he said he would not be playing in the NFL anymore, and also took aim at Patriots team owner Robert Kraft, mentioning Kraft’s January charge of solicitation in Florida.

The NFL is investigating the allegations against Brown.

During the live video, a commenter mentioned the XFL; Brown must have seen it because he said, “XFL never.”

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