The note this girl found on her hike will move you to tears

Kristine Tarbert
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Grace Zimmerman was hiking in Morton Arboretum, near Chicago, US, when she came across a can of Coke left on a park bench.

At first it simply looked like someone had forgotten their drink during a rest, but on closer inspection a note explained what was really going on.

“I actually almost walked by it, but I’m glad I turned back,” Grace tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

The handwritten note, left for anyone to find, read: “This is my sister’s bench. She loved Coke. It’s her birthday this weekend. If you love soda too, have this one in memory of her.”

The sweet note was attached to a can and left on a bench. Photo: Supplied/Grace Zimmerman

Grace was so touched by the note she took a photo and shared it to a Facebook group.

“Found this on a hike. Legit cried for the next mile,” she captioned the image.

Photo: Facebook

Grace reveals she wanted to share the image so that the message on the can would go further than just to the person who found it.

“I was really touched, I thought it was a beautiful gesture for someone that’s gone,” she tells us.

“There’s a lot of bad stuff going on in the world right now, and it was nice to see a little love put out into the world.

“I hope whoever left it knows their gesture touched a lot of people.”

Grace was hiking when she found the note. Photo: Facebook/Grace Zimmerman

While she revealed she couldn’t drink the can herself but hoped someone else had, people loved the gesture, and even shared their own experience of doing something similar.

“Reminds me of last Christmas when I filled up my cousin’s stocking with his favourite snack, Rice Krispie treats,” one woman commented. “It was our first Christmas without him and seeing his empty stocking hurt me too bad, so I had to fill it up with SOMETHING.”

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