Noah Cyrus turns heads in 'inappropriate' naked bodysuit

It seems Noah Cyrus is following in her sister Miley Cyrus' footsteps after performing at the CMT Awards in a naked bodysuit.

The 20-year-old singer shocked some viewers as she took to the stage in the jaw dropping outfit to perform 'This Is Us' with country singer Jimmie Allen.

Noah Cyrus in a naked bodysuit at the CMT awards
Noah Cyrus divided opinion with her naked bodysuit at the CMT Awards with many calling her outfit inappropriate. Photo: Getty

The bodysuit only covered up Noah's privates with a bikini top and rhinestone G-string with everything else on display.

Noah added white gloves that covered her forearms and thigh high boots along with a cowgirl hat.

However, many CMT Awards viewers were left unimpressed by the outfit.


"Sorry but outfit you wore on cmt was not appropriate. Disappointed that CMT allowed it. Maybe she was confused of being Cher. Just saying," one viewer wrote.

Another added, "Really confused by the Jimmie Allen and Noah Cyrus performance on the CMT awards last night! First of all, she is NOT country! And how was what she was wearing ok?!?!!"

Noah Cyrus showed off CMT outfit on Instagram
Noah showed off the outfit on Instagram. Photo: Instagram/Noah Cyrus

Someone else said, "Tonight my dad and I found true millennial/boomer middle ground in discussing whether or not Noah Cyrus's CMT Awards Performance outfit was appropriate for the time.. And when I say we 'found middle ground,' I mean, we both decided...we didn't know."

"Somebody tell Noah Cyrus to go change outfits. This is CMT.. we don’t roll like that," another user added.

One angry viewer said, "Seems Noah Cyrus didn’t get the memo that CMT Awards are not equivalent to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show. I cannot fathom how incredibly distasteful & abhorrent her 'costume' was. Praying to God above that she’s forbidden to perform among CMT artists ever again."

Twitter user compares Noah Cyrus' outfit to a Victoria's Secret Fashion Show look
One viewer compared Noah's outfit to one that might appear on the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Photo: Twitter
Twitter user calls Noah Cyrus' outfit embarassing
One Twitter user called it "embarassing" viewing. Photo: Twitter

"That was just embarrassing to watch and the outfit has no place in country music," someone else added.

Many others said the CMT Awards had lost loyal fans for allowing Noah to perform in the outfit.

However, Noah's fans loved the outfit with one user writing, "That outfit is gorgeous. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise."

"Flawless as always," another said, while someone else said, "You’re a queen I hope you know that."

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