Black Friday Nintendo Switch steal! Save $68 with this bundle at Amazon, plus up to 30 percent off games

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Nintendo Switch with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
You get a free game and three months of Nintendo Online for free in this bundle! (Photo: Nintendo)

Nintendo doesn’t discount its games or systems often, which means you should jump on this Black Friday Nintendo Switch deal. Right now, Nintendo is offering its bestselling Switch console in a bundle that comes with a free digital copy of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and three free months of Nintendo Switch Online. That’s one of the Switch’s best games, along with an essential service that you need to play online. Purchased separately they would cost you an additional $368, but the bundle gives you everything for just the system’s regular price of $299 at Best Buy. Amazon has it for $429 right now; it was $299 earlier but sold out; keep checking back!

Note: This is the normal Nintendo Switch and not the new OLED version that was released last month. That model costs $350, doesn’t come with any games, and has been hard to find since it came out (it's sold out right now). If you plan to play your Switch attached to the TV most of the time, we recommend you pick up the bundle with the older model instead.

$299 at Best Buy

With your new Switch you’ll also want a few games, and Nintendo has put a bunch of its best titles on sale for the week to help you stock up. These stellar games are usually $60 a pop, but this week you can snag them for $40 each — that's a discount of over 30 percent. Check 'em out below:

'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild'

Link looking over the land
The land of Hyrule is both epic and beautiful. (Photo: Nintendo)

Many gamers consider The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to be the best Switch title, and the best Zelda game ever — and the proof is in the 38,000+ five-star raves on Amazon. This reviewer calls it a “must-have to Zelda fans and new gamers alike,” praising its “beautiful graphics and excellent gameplay.” And this parent loved “the freedom of being able to explore such a large, rich, intricate and gorgeous world.”

$40 $60 at Amazon

'New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe'

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe
Run and jump your way to safety with Mario and friends. (Photo: Nintendo)

The name might be a little odd — this title is a rerelease of two games from a decade ago — but it’s a classic Super Mario experience for fans who like the older 2D-style platforming games. One player bought it for his kids, only to discover that he loves it himself: “Reminds me of Mario back when I was a kid, so I find myself playing it more than my kids do. I guess that's alright though!” And this shopper says "This is one of the best games I think that you could buy. It takes you back to your childhood where you get the old school Mario but with a new day twist. [Definitely] worth the buy!"

$59 at Amazon

'Splatoon 2'

The clothes are stylish and so are the weapons! (Photo: Nintendo)

This game has over 6,000 five-star ratings and is one of my favorite Switch games. I love the colorful worlds, the bopping music, and the way you can customize your characters with all sorts of crazy outfits. If buying this for your kids you'll also like that it's relatively non-violent: The characters shoot ink at each other, attempting to cover the board in their team's color. This gamer agrees, calling it "a child-friendly shooter" and "the golden game you’ve been looking for."

$40 $60 at Amazon

'Super Mario Maker 2'

Super Mario Maker 2
Boards can get pretty weird when you make them yourself. (Photo: Nintendo)

If you've already played all the Mario games, maybe it's time to level up and design your own. This title lets you build custom Mario courses and share them with others. More than 14,000 shoppers give it a five-star rating, and the reviews are glowing: "The whole package is absolutely fantastic, and a must-play for anyone looking to create, play and experience the best Mario creator toolset Nintendo has ever released. Even if you aren’t into making levels yourself, there is enough content here to keep you entertained well between other major Switch games, and the replay-ability is nearly infinite, as active community engagement will keep the game fresh for years to come."

$40 $60 at Amazon

'Paper Mario: The Origami King'

Mario, Koopa, Princess Peach
The Paper Mushroom Kingdom is more charming than scary. (Photo: Nintendo)

If you like Mario but want something a bit different, The Origami King is a game that will give you just that. It's a blend of role-playing, puzzle-solving and action-adventure. This player was incredibly happy, calling it "simple but it's very fun. Going around exploring the world and saving toads is surprisingly fun, as almost every character has some fun or witty commentary. Finding the best sequence of moves in the boss battles is fun, and normal battles can get tricky to line up the enemies at times as well, but combat is definitely not the highlight or main focus of this game." 

$40 $60 at Amazon

'Kirby Star Allies'

Kirby Star Allies
It's a bright pastel world for our pink puffball to explore. (Photo: Nintendo)

The Kirby series is suited for gamers who want a more laid-back experience, with one dad calling it a "great game to play with friends and family" that "has a lot of fun abilities to team up with." He also says, "If you want some nice relaxing local multiplayer with pleasing graphics and good gameplay, then I’d suggest picking this up." And one long-time Kirby fan says it's "one of the best Kirby games in the franchise" and "a MUST-BUY for any Kirby fan, no matter what the skill level."

$40 $60 at Amazon

'The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening'

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
Even when he's tiny and cute, Link is deadly. (Photo: Nintendo)

Old school gamers know this is a remake of a classic title from the Game Boy — why not introduce the new version to your kids or grandkids? One couple says it's a "nearly perfect remake of the original!" And another player loved everything about it, calling the gameplay "extremely fun - all of the experience of the original game but updated and improved perfectly."

$40 $60 at Amazon

'Fire Emblem: Three Houses'

Fire Emblem: Three Houses
Take control of epic anime battles in this school-based roleplaying game. (Photo: Nintendo)

If you like school and relationship drama, then this is the game for you. The tactical game features swords and magic, and it puts you in control of the story. You can't help but get invested in the characters' fates, as this player did: "This game is wholesome and gets you EXTREMELY involved with the characters of the house you choose. It’s delightful. At the same time, the stakes are higher than ever, as you form a real attachment to your characters. The game is also heartbreaking." Better buy some tissues, I guess!

$40 $60 at Amazon

'Astral Chain'

Astral Chain
It's not easy being a cop in a dark cyberpunk future. (Photo: Nintendo)

This game might not be as well known as some of the other titles on this list, but it's a must-have title nonetheless. Sci-fi anime fans love the dystopian hack-and-slash adventure, while gamers enjoy the "great visuals and fast-paced action" with this player complimenting its "very fun fighting mechanics." And this shopper calls it "a reason to own the Switch if you love action games." 

$60 at Amazon

'Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition'

Shulk brandishing his weapon.
The battles are even crazier than the weapons. (Photo: Nintendo)

You might have missed this title when it was on the Wii or 3DS, but now it's back on Switch, remastered, and on sale. This epic role-playing game involves sword fighting and robots — yes, robots! It's a solid title for adults, but one player says it's also a great game for kids and newcomers: "The story, including the opening setup, is compelling but with enough campy dialogue to not take itself too seriously. All the characters save one are well developed and fleshed out so plenty of variety to try different tactics and party combinations. [...] Get this game for yourself or for your child interested in learning about and playing RPG games but don't want to give them something too mature." 

$40 $60 at Amazon

'Ring Fit Adventure'

Go on a fitness journey with this game for the Nintendo Switch.
Go on an adventure and get fit at the same time! (Photo: Nintendo)

Ring Fit Adventure isn't like the other games on this list — it's a workout disguised as entertainment. The title will really help you work up a sweat, and it's now marked down from $80 to $55. Ring Fit was a big hit last year with gamers who used it to stay in shape during lockdown. One fan raved, “My arms and shoulders FEEL like they had a good workout. And the crazy bit is... I can't wait to do it again!!” And she enjoyed the adventure mode, calling it “cute and endearing.” Another shopper actually found that “this game has got me exercising 4 days in a row ... I look forward to day 5 tomorrow. I don’t typically exercise this much.” It was frequently out of stock during the past 18 months, so grab it now before it disappears from store shelves again.

$55 $80 at Amazon

'Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit'

Your living room will become a racing battleground, populated by troublesome Koopas.
Mario's next challenge is your home. (Photo: Nintendo)

While the Mario Kart games are famous for tracks like Rainbow Road, you can now add your living room to that list of courses with Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit. This game includes a physical toy kart that you guide around your home using your Nintendo Switch. But you don’t have to be a kid to appreciate it — at least one reviewer has been playing video games at home since the ‘70s, and he loved everything about Mario Kart Live. He says the camera works great, getting it connected to your system is easy, and “setting up the race track is a blast.” He highly recommends this product to “anyone who loves Mario Kart and track creation.” This awesome toy is normally $100, but right now you can bring it home for only $60.

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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