Ninja Warrior viewers slam Nick Kyrgios’ hosting skills: ‘Useless’

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Viewers of Australian Ninja Warrior were less than impressed with Nick Kyrgios’ hosting abilities during his debut on Monday night’s episode.

The tennis champion joined the competition series this year as a sideline commentator alongside former AFL star Shane Crawford, replacing English cricketer Freddie Flintoff this season after he was unable to travel to Australia.

Nick Kyrgios on Ninja Warrior
Fans online said that Nick’s debut as a Ninja Warrior commentator was “so so bad”. Photo: Channel Nine

Fans at home seemed critical of Nick’s performance, with many taking to social media demanding that Channel Nine 'bring Freddie back'.

“Nick Kyrgios is really showing us that TV presenting is an actual skill,” a Twitter user posted.

“Didn’t anyone screen test Nick Kyrgios before letting him present?,” another asked. “So so bad.”

A third added: “I think we've found something else other than tennis that Nick Kyrgios is s*** at.”


“Why is Nick Kyrgios even there?” someone else wrote. “He hasn’t managed to string two words together yet. Personality of a dial tone.”

“Nick Kyrgios is to television presenting what Kim Kardashian is to brain surgery,” another person commented.

Others were more kind about Nick’s new gig, with one fan tweeting: “I never knew I needed a Shane Crawford/Nick Kyrgios team up more than I do now”.

Olivia Vivian competing on Ninja Warrior.
Contestant Olivia Vivian says she'd love to see Nick compete on the course. Photo: Instagram/oliviavivian

Olivia Vivian: 'He's a true kid at heart'

In an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle, contestant Olivia Vivian spoke about the latest addition to the Ninja Warrior hosting team.

“Nick’s a huge fan of Ninja Warrior,” she explained. “I think a lot of people know he’s a true kid at heart.”

“I can only imagine that he really enjoyed himself and had a good time. I would love to see him on the course, personally.”

Olivia is determined to win the show this season, having competed for the past four years.

The 31-year-old said she wants to be the first female worldwide to conquer Mount Midoriyama after her partner Ben Polson accomplished the task last year.

“My goal is still to win the show, the mission hasn't been completed yet. I know Ben did it and that was incredible to watch,” she admitted.

“For me, Ninja Warrior started off as just something I did for fun, and it's turned into this purpose to help inspire other women, especially young girls to just believe in themselves and chase their dream.

“I truly believe that if you put in hard work and you stay persistent and never give up, magic happens. For me, it's more than just a TV show.”

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