Here's What Nicole Richie And Joel Madden Had To Say About Cameron Diaz And Benji Madden Also Giving Their Kid A "Bird Name"

Let's talk about celebrity children with bird names.

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Nicole Richie and Joel Madden have a son named Sparrow.

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Sparrow just made his red carpet debut last night.

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Joel's brother, Benji, is married to Cameron Diaz.

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Cameron and Benji just had a baby named Cardinal.

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Yes, another bird name.

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Nicole was asked by ET whether Benji consulted his brother about the bird name thing and said, "I didn't ask, but I really don't think they did. I think it's just a twin thing. Who knows?"

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Joel was asked the same thing and said, "It was a surprise to all of us. We're all very happy, though."

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So, yeah, I guess bird names are in.

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I guarantee someone names their kid "Blue Jay" next.

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