New mum's baby name leaves friend with an awkward decision

Kristine Tarbert
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Baby names can cause quite a bit of debate these days as people try to come up with new and unique titles for their bubs.

So it can be hard to navigate the minefield that is baby names when you’re not sure if someone has made a genuine mistake or made a conscious decision on the name.

A woman found herself in that situation recently and asked the internet for advice.

“A colleague has recently announced the birth of ‘Pheobe’ on Facebook and have since referred to the baby as ‘Pheobe’ several times,” she posted to Mumsnet.

“Would I be awful to gently suggest the correct spelling or just hope it’s picked up on when they register the birth?”

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Some have said she should definitely asks the mum, just in case it was an honest mistake.

I’d point it out, in private so as not to embarrass them. Maybe they have done it deliberately though,” one person wrote.

“Maybe just drop a congrats message and ask whether it will be spelt Pheobe or Phoebe,” another suggested.

Others said perhaps a more subtle attempt would be more appropriate.

“I would put a comment on welcoming little Phoebe to the world, but wouldn’t say anything directly,” was one reply.

“The trouble is people spell names in all sorts of weird ways. It is a minefield these days,” one person pointed out.

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Many however said the person should just let it go.

“I would have thought that if they have written it that way numerous times then that’s how they are spelling it [to be honest],” one person wrote.

“I wouldn’t ever say anything,” another said.

The woman is not the only one to chose that name for her child either. As one commenter pointed out the UK’s National Statistics for baby names showed that in 2017, 20 Pheobes were born vs 2000 Phoebes.

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