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The actor was hospitalised last month following a drink and drugs binge at a party, and his continued erratic conduct has recently seen production on his show Two And A Half Men halted, but says accusations he is an addict are unfounded.

When asked in an interview with if he felt he was addicted to anything, he replied: “No. No, I don't, because that's a word and a thing that they tried to stick on me for 22 years.

“I don't know, I don't care [what addiction is], I just know it's not a part of my brain today.”

After passing drug tests, Charlie, was asked why he decided to be clean for the interview, to which he replied:
“It's just a choice I'm making today. Just a choice. I feel better. I got bored with those other things. It was time to do something different and I had this epiphanous moment of, ‘I'm 45 with 5 kids,’ and it was time to explore some different realities. (sic)”

When asked if he will be staying clean for the long term, Charlie added: “I don't know. We're not there yet, I'm just right here, right now. Yeah, I have no interest in it.”

Charlie also responded to comments by his father, Apocalypse Now actor Martin Sheen, comparing his battles with alcohol and substance abuse to cancer.

He said: “Jeez, dad - shut it ... OK, pop, walk through a cancer ward right now and find any of those motherf***ers who look like me. Sounds poetic but it's rooted in bo*****s”

Charlie had been receiving a home rehab programme for drink and drug abuse at his home in Los Angeles. He also claimed last week he had freed himself from the "troll hole" of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).

Charlie Sheen says his "only fault was living a life you're all jealous of".

The actor - whose TV show Two and a Half Men has had all production cancelled because of his recent behaviour including being hospitalised last month following a 36-hour drink and drug session with a bevy of porn stars - said he doesn't understand why people are upset with him.

Charlie told TMZ: "They sent out a memo to the security team on the show saying if this guy shows up for work, don't let him in. Like what was I going to do - show up with my own cameras and actors and shoot the show myself? I don't understand what I did wrong except live a life you're all jealous of. Sorry my life is so much more b*****n than yours, I planned it this way."

Charlie also lashed out at Executive Producer Chuck Lorre saying he had no right to question what the actor does outside of working hours and claimed as the star he should have been given anything he wanted.

He said: "Chuck Lorre hasn't had the decency to call me, to explain, I don't understand what I did to upset everyone except show up like a star, hit every mark and deliver gold.

"If I'm running the show and he's my star, he walks in to tiny sandwiches and massage chairs, he gets whatever he wants. I don't care what people do at weekends. Let a guy do whatever he wants."

The 45-year-old actor also warned those who have criticised him that they should ready their apologies because he intends to win this "war".

He added: "I don't have burnout in my gearbox, I just have go and I'm ready to go. I'm insulted and I'm confused. You guys want to go to war, let's go to war. When I call winner, game over, I hope you all have your apologies ready, I hope you're writing them now."

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