Netflix star Noah Centineo stuns with massive transformation: 'Didn't recognise him'

Not all of the actor's fans are happy about the change.

Noah Centineo was Netflix’s favourite teen boyfriend for a while, with main roles in the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before franchise, Sierra Burgess Is A Loser and The Perfect Date. He’s recently been rocking his signature clean-cut look for his TV show The Recruit, but shocked fans with his appearance when he shared a rare photo online.

Netflix star Noah Centineo in The Recruit
Netflix star Noah Centineo usually looks clean-cut. Photo: Netflix/The Recruit

The actor looks almost unrecognisable in the snap, sporting a big bushy beard and shaggy curly hair. In the image he's wearing a large white fleece-hooded top and has a serious expression on his face.

The star didn’t explain why he’d ditched his old look, simply adding a mysterious quote: “Are you okay?” into the photo.


Fans react to Noah’s changed appearance

After a pop culture account shared the snap on X (formerly known as Twitter), it was viewed over 7.3 million times with many saying he looked like a “caveman”.

Two photos of Noah Centineo with long hair and a beard.
Noah Centineo's new look hasn't been embraced by all his fans. Photo: Instagram/noahcentineo

“Oh my lord, I didn’t even recognise him… had to Google the other version to see who TF this was,” one person admitted.

“He looks like the current version of this guy I used to talk to a LONG time ago… oh dear Noah, clean it up,” another added.

“Biggest jump scare of 2024,” a third joked, before another said he “looks like he’s going through something”.

However, some fans were living for Noah’s new look, with one saying that it’s the “best” he’s ever looked. “I love him with my whole heart,” another agreed.

“I know it’s controversial, but I find him more attractive this way… so full bearded… more mature, ‘more manly’... hmmm. I just hope he’s okay mentally,” a fan remarked.


Could Noah’s changed look be for a new role?

Some sleuthing fans floated the theory that the star’s new look was for an upcoming role that hasn’t been announced yet. This wouldn’t be surprising, as he’s changed his look for different roles in the past.

“Damn, gotta be for a role right?” one person asked. “Everyone chill, he’s just method acting,” a second added.

In 2021, Noah talked about his body transformation for his role in DC’s Black Adam alongside Pierce Brosnan and The Rock. To get ready for the superhero film, he sought the help of celebrity trainer Kirk Myers and bulked up significantly. “I was doing 6500 calories a day,” he told Smallzy’s Surgery. “You’re at the gym for two hours every day.

“At one point I was eating like 12 eggs in the morning and two bowls of oatmeal,” he added. “We started putting spinach in the eggs… the spinach got caught on my throat, hit my uvula and I ran to the bathroom and threw up half of it.”

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