How often do you wash your pyjamas?

Kristine Tarbert

A mum has sparked a feverish debate online after suggesting that pjs should be washed after every wear.

Taking to parenting forum Mumsnet, she questioned whether she was being unreasonable washing her pyjamas and those of her children every day.

Her post left people divided, some agreeing with her logic, while others said the “obsession” with cleanliness was a “bit bonkers”.

How often do you wash your pyjamas? Photo: Getty

One woman admitted she would wash similar items more often. “They are worn next to the skin for eight hours and I’d wash anything else worn like that,” she wrote.

Many said they changed pyjamas every day because they didn’t wear underwear underneath.

“I just don't like wearing something that has been that close to my bare bum for more than one night,” one mum said.

Others though were quick to point out that they lacked the time and energy to do that much washing, with many agreeing a weekly wash was more sustainable.

A mum asked if after every wear was 'unreasonable'. Photo: Getty

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“I don't have the time, energy or desire to launder 5 pairs of pjs every night. That would be...35 pairs of pjs a week!!!” one woman explained.

While some were very relaxed about their pyjama washing schedules, with one person saying they wash "when I remember", others pointed out that showering before bed was a much better option.

“I never go to bed without a shower, so I wear mine for a couple of nights,” someone wrote.

Others preferred to wait a week. Photo: Getty

The environmental impact of washing too much was also brought up, but mostly people were just happy to keep going about things their way.

“I kinda agree but still wear mine for a week,” one woman wrote.

“I agree but I don't do it either,” another added.

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