Mum's sneaky Macca's trick goes viral

A mum's sneaky McDonald's trick has gone viral this week after she tricked her son into believing he was eating from the fast food chain, when in actual fact it was food prepared at home!

Taking to Facebook, the woman revealed how her son loves McDonald's but that she doesn't want to run "across the street every time he wants 'chiccy nuggets and fren fwies'."

A mum's sneaky McDonald's trick on her son has gone viral on social media. Photo: Getty
A mum's sneaky McDonald's trick on her son has gone viral on social media. Photo: Getty

"Like the innovative mom I am, I got a solution for [all that]!" she wrote.

"I made sure he ain't tear up the boxes like he usually do and I saved the containers. Today he [said] he want 'Donald's.'"

"I had the whole meal already in the freezer, the trick was to make sure it's shoe string fries cuz the little crumb snatcher knows the difference," she joked.

She then revealed she told her son the food was being delivered to make the whole thing believable.

"I boxed it up and snuck downstairs and acted like somebody was at the door. (the crap we do for our kids)," she said.

Mum's Macca's trick goes viral
The mum shared what she used to make the trick believable for her son. Photo: Facebook

She also added a handy tip for other parents considering doing the same thing, "Note: If you really wanna be fancy and add a little razzle dazzle, go grab a toy he forgot about and throw that sucka in there too!"


She then shared a photo of her sneaky trick, showing her neatly packaged 'Happy Meal' ready to go.

The idea has proven very popular, receiving 88,000 shares and 81,000 reactions.

"This is genius!" wrote one excited commenter.

Mum's fake Macca's
One commenter joked that the mum had put the chips into the bag too neatly and needed to put a few at the bottom of the bag to make it believable. Photo: Facebook

Another joked, "You put it in there too neatly. You gotta leave some fries lingering around in there lol."

"Smartest [mum] ever," someone else wrote, while numerous parents commented that they would be doing the same thing from now on.

The mum also revealed in the comments that she used her air fryer to cook the nuggets and fries, making it that little bit healthier.

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