Mum's epic DIY dollhouse hack

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A savvy mum has come up with a genius way to put together a DIY dollhouse on a budget.

Sharing an image of her creation on a Kmart fan page, mum Samantha said she had created the dollhouse for her daughter’s birthday.

“Using the wall shelf usually used for coffee station,” she wrote in the post. “Perfect for smaller dolls like LOL Surprise dolls.”

The shelf costs just $15. Photo: Facebook
The shelf costs just $15. Photo: Facebook

Samantha says she saw another mum’s post about storing her daughter’s dolls and decided to adapt it slightly to create the dollhouse.

I came up with it from seeing another mum storing her daughter’s Lols [dolls] in the shelf and I thought I can make it look like a doll house with a few other things from Kmart,” Samantha tells Be.

The Kmart Rectangle Wall Shelf comes in at a mere $15, while the furniture can be bought for $8 a pack.

Samantha used four packets of the mini-furniture and gave each room its own unique touch by turning patterned paper from the craft section into wallpaper.

“Wow!! It looks amazing. Very clever,” was one comment on the post, which has already received almost 1000 likes.

The mum used patterned paper for the wallpaper. Photo: Facebook
The mum used patterned paper for the wallpaper. Photo: Facebook

“That’s the most adorable thing I will see today,” another person wrote.

“What a fantastic idea, thinking outside the box,” was another comment.

One woman even pointed out that it would be super easy to store.

“It is awesome and would fit in my girls’ under bed storage when not in use so an easy clean up and out of the way,” she wrote.

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