Mum spends $15 at Bunnings turning old cot into luxe outdoor seat

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

There’s nothing like getting bang out of your buck for expensive items you buy over the years and one mum has taken it to the next level by repurposing an old cot into a chic outdoor chair.

Victoria mum, Tiarnna Wise, bought the cot on a buy swap and sell page and after a little bit of TLC she managed to turn it into a luxurious-looking piece of garden furniture people can’t get enough of online.

And while it might look like Tiarnna spent a fortune repurposing the unwanted piece of furniture, she told Yahoo Lifestyle Australia it actually only cost her $15 at Bunnings to transform the cot into the chair.

A mum repurposed an old cot into this outdoor chair. Photo: Tiarrna Wise

Tiarrna spent $15 on paint at her local Bunnings and she already had some cushions lying around the house so she used them to spruce it up and make the back of the chair more comfortable.

“It was an absolute bargain,” Tiarrna said.

“I had to sand it back though as whoever painted it beforehand had done an atrocious job at painting it.”

Tiarrna posted the finished product on a Bunnings Facebook group, where others were gobsmacked at what she had created.

“That’s a great Idea, good work. Will definitely be doing the same,” one person commented.

“I made one of these. I need to add cushions! It looks so much nicer with them lol,” another person said.

She bought the cot on a buy, swap and sell page for $15. Photo: Tiarrna Wise

“I have this cot for my toddler - it's pretty solid - I've been known to climb in to settle her down. A great repurpose well done! Looks inviting,” a fan of the repurposing said.

Others just had concerns about how solid the cot actually is and how much weight it can hold.

“Looks great. You may wanna put extra support under it. I made one years ago and broke after being sat on over time. So added extra leg in the middle and was fine,” one person said.

Tiarrna replied saying: “It's a pretty solid cot so I havent had to reinforce it. I'll see how it goes though. I'm going to pop another leg in the middle though.”

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