Spot the x-rated detail hidden in this singer's snap for her mum

Gillian Wolski
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A young woman has been left red-faced after sending a seemingly innocent photo to her mother only to realise that it contained a hidden x-rated detail.

Ella Van Der Meulen shared a snap of her bedroom with her mum that showed off her cute hanging plants, floral-printed pillows and Scandi-style wooden bed frame.

At first glance, the decor appears perfectly parent-friendly, but closer inspection reveals two pairs of silver handcuffs hanging off the bed head.

Can you spot the x-rated detail hidden in this photo? Photo:

‘What’s up with that?’

The racy detail didn’t go unnoticed by Ella’s mum, with the American singer-songwriter - who goes by the name Ella Martine - taking to Twitter on Saturday to share her cringe-worthy experience.

“Moms been asking for pics of my new room... finally sent one... i’m so stupid (sic),” she wrote in the tweet along with screenshots of their awkward conversation.

To begin with, Ella’s mum approves of the bedroom layout, writing, “Nice!” but quickly realises something is amiss.

“Except for the handcuffs???” she added, asking, “What’s up with that”.

Spotted: Ella's handcuffs didn't go unnoticed by her mum. Photo:

Cuffed up

Since sharing her story online, Ella has become affectionately known as ‘Handcuff girl’ with many fans incredulous as to why she forgot to hide the sexy objects.

“Sis how could you leave the handcuffs on the bed showing in the pic?” asked one.

There’s a plausible reason for the kinky items being in her bedroom - according to Ella, anyway.

The cuffs were a prop for a friend’s “short film” that was shot in her room “over summer”.

But her mum still wasn’t happy, demanding her daughter “remove them” and branding them “super tacky”.

Despite Ella seeing the funny side, her parent wasn’t on board, adding, “Not very classy”.

Ella explained why she had the kinky objects in her room in the first place. Photo:

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