Mum reveals why she breastfeeds seven-year-old son

Kristine Tarbert
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Aussie mum Lisa Bridger has revealed why she still chooses to breastfeed her sons, even though they are seven and four years old.

The mum-of-five, from Adelaide, has two children that have been diagnosed with autism – seven-year-old Chase and younger brother Phoenix, four.

She said they could be ‘hysterical’ unless they were feeding.

Lisa is a mum-of-five from Adelaide. Photo: Facebook/Lisa Bridger
Both Chase and Phoenix have been diagnosed with Autism. Photo: Facebook/Occupy Breastfeeding

She revealed that breastfeeding actually helps to soothe the boys when they are having a meltdown.

“I’m not doing this for me, but it is a relationship, it works both ways,” she wrote on her Facebook group Occupy Breastfeeding.

There are other strategies in place for the boys, such as cuddling, Lisa said they also bought them a dog and two cats. A trampoline is also a good thing to help calm them down.

Chase still breastfeeds at age seven. Photo: Facebook/Occupy Breastfeeding

But if they are having a meltdown in public, breastfeeding is the best way to calm them down.

“As children it was obviously the normal every couple of hours but it’s mostly just before bed now. It’s so sweet, [Chase] just needs that security,” Lisa told the Daily Mail.

Lisa said many have been supportive of her in public, but online she has often been slammed for ‘child abuse’.

It helps them calm down if they are having meltdowns. Photo: Facebook/Occupy Breastfeeding

“It has been pretty good out here, really. People don’t come up to us and say anything. But online it can get really bad,” she told the publication.

“People will comment all kinds of things. That they should have a bottle, or a cup, that it’s abuse, that it’s bad for them, once you get past six months you should be covering.”

She does admit she wants them to wean so she can ‘have my body back’, but compares it to ‘saying no to a hug’.

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