Mum sparks debate after claiming Ooshies and Little Shops are making kids 'spoilt'

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

One mum has started a fierce debate online, after revealing she thinks the Woolworths Ooshies and Coles Little Shop collections are making kids spoilt.

Coles announced in July that after their first Little Shop collectables sent Aussie shoppers into a spin, they were releasing a brand new collection of 30 minis, called Little Shop 2.

On the very same day, Woolworths released a statement announcing the release of a whole range of 24 limited edition Ooshies, to celebrate the release of Disney’s The Lion King.

The Coles Little Shop 2 has been a huge hit with shoppers. Photo: Coles

Needless to say, kids and adults alike went bonkers for the mini delights, with the Coles collection featuring such items as mini Arnott’s Barbecue Shapes, Heinz baked Beans and Tip Top bread.

Woolworths offered up nine characters from The Lion King, including Simba, Nala and Mufasa in original colours and gold versions. The supermarket giant also released a special cub version of Simba and Nala, and a translucent blue ‘Spirit Mufasa’ Lion King Ooshie to collect.

Woolworths customers were sent into a spin when the supermarket giant released a range of Lion King Ooshies. Photo: Woolworths

But while it may have been all fun and games at the beginning, one mum believes the phenomenon has gone too far.

“Are all these Ooshies and Little Shops making our kids spoilt. All I get when I wake up is I want, I want. What happened to a simple good morning mum,” the mum wrote on a Facebook group page.

“Maybe I should start rewarding my kids with them instead of just handing them over.”

People were quick to flood the comments section with their own opinions, with many agreeing with the mum and others saying the collectables are just a bit of fun.

One mum thinks the phenomenon has gone too far. Photo: Facebook

“I’m using them as a reward for toilet training. If we go a whole day with no accidents he can have one. But not otherwise. Also means they’re more “valuable” as they have to be earned and not just given loads at a time. Plus it’s helping with the toilet training! Once we’ve nailed this though, no more. Terrible for the environment and so wasteful,” one mum said.

Another woman agreed, saying: “That's what I do. Also, bad behaviour results in one being taken into my work for my bosses kids.”

However, others debated the topic, with one person telling the mum to ‘shop at Aldi if you want to protest in some way.’

“NO nothing can make our children spoilt if we don’t want then to be. I fact my child is really great full when he gets them and understands sometimes he doesn't, I think it’s a life lesson as is most thing I guess it’s how we teach it,” another person said.

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