Mum praised for Kmart 'hack' using $2 item: 'Game changer'

A savvy mum has revealed a Kmart ‘hack’ that will save time and plastic wrap, and has been hailed as a ‘game changer’.

Posting on a popular Facebook group, the woman announced that generic round lids from takeaways actually fit snugly on a line of Kmart’s children’s bowls.

L: Kmart bowls and takeaway lids on a kitchen counter. R: A Kmart trolley being wheeled through the store
Shoppers are going wild for this Kmart hack. Photo: Facebook/Kmart Hacks & Decor & Getty

“I don’t know who needs to hear this, and I may be slow to the party,” she started.

“Did you know the small round gravy/sauce/small Chinese food container lids (BS 20L for those whom buy them), fit the kids plastic bowls from Kmart!!”

Sharing multiple photos of the bowls containing food, the mum demonstrated how the lids snap on easily.


A six pack of the pastel bowls will set you back $2.00, so it’s a great bargain for them to double as containers.

Next time you have takeaway, make sure you check if any of the lids have ‘BS-20L’ written on the top so you can try the hack out for yourself.

One helpful customer also pointed out that the lids from the large Kaló yoghurt tubs also work well.

L: A hand holding a plastic lid next to a bowl with food in it and a plastic lid on top. R: A hand holding a plastic red cup which has a lid on it
Another person pointed out that Ikea plastic cups can also be used. Photo: Facebook/Kmart Decor & Hacks

Shoppers loved the hack, describing the idea as ‘clever’ and ‘genius’.

“Holy moly!!! You have just made my day. I hate plastic wrap,” one person wrote.

“Now THIS is a hack!!!” a second added.

“This is such a game changer! Thanks for sharing,” another chimed in.

Another savvy customer pointed out that Ikea also has a product perfect for this use as well.

“Also the sour cream (small tubs) lids fit the Ikea plastic cups!” she wrote, including a photo of the hack.

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