Kmart roasted over hilarious fail: 'Go home Kmart, you're drunk!'

An eagle-eyed Kmart shopper has spotted an epic fail, after browsing the bathroom section at her local store in Perth.

Sharing a photo to a popular Facebook group, the woman revealed one of Kmart's bath mats read: “LOKIII GOOD”, instead of “LOOKING GOOD”.

Photo of a Kmart mat that says 'LOKIII GOOD'
Kmart was savaged online after a shopper found this bath mat. Photo: Facebook/Kmart Hacks & Decor

Missing the letters ‘O’ and ‘G’, the letter ’N’ is also incomplete.

“Yep, looks about right 😂 Bottom is what it’s supposed to be 🤣🤣,” the woman wrote, alongside two photos of the mat.

People found the fail hilarious, with many hoping that the shopper purchased the mat anyway.

“Go home Kmart, you’re drunk!” commented a shopper.

“I hope you bought it. The irony is fabulous,” another added.

“Should have gone to SpecSavers,” a third quipped.


The post quickly went viral, with Marvel fans sharing pictures of the character Loki, played by actor Tom Hiddleston.

L: Stock photo of Kmart's 'LOOKING GOOD' bath mat on a grey background. R: Screenshot of Facebook comments
Marvel fans went wild for mat that said 'Loki' instead of 'Looking'. Photo: Kmart & Facebook/Kmart Hacks & Decor

“Someone is a Marvel fan? LOKI FOREVER!!” one joked.

“Well Loki is the God of Mischief, so this is very fitting,” a shopper pointed out.

“Just need to get rid of one of the ‘O’s in good,” another suggested, so that the mat would spell 'Loki God'.

The shopper isn’t the first to have issues with this bath mat, and another group member said they had the exact same mat at home.

“Mine came with huge tufts of red thread coming out of the ‘L’ 🤣 I was able to cut them out and you can’t tell,” they wrote.

The beige bath mat currently retails for $13 on Kmart’s website, but for all those Marvel fans wanting to snag a “Loki Good’ mat, it seems like this was just a one-off.

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