Mum, 57, looks like daughters twin sister

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Kasha Grimes may be 57 years old, but the mum-of-two has her followers gushing over her youthful looks, with plenty mistaking her for her daughter’s twin sister in a recent Instagram post.

Kasha regularly posts photos of herself and her two daughters on her account ‘Nifty after Fifty’, going viral recently for how similar they all look. She also shares funny videos, fashion vlogs, and life advice, on her own YouTube channel.

The latest photo of the mum with one of her daughters, and said daughter’s new boyfriend, has her 23k followers seeing double.

Photo: Instagram/kasha_grimes

“You and Misha look like twins on here. So beautiful!” one person commented.

“Kasha you look like the big sister,” another said.

“You look more like the sister,” a third agreed.

While some were just flat out confused.

“Which one is the mum? Both gorgeous,” one asked.

Kasha is constantly gushing about her “precious treasures” online, sharing memories and advice about being a mum and raising two daughters.

“Raising daughters is a very special challenge,” she wrote in a previous post.

“I always taught them that beauty lies within. You can use makeup to alter your appearance but it’s what inside that truly counts.”

Photo: Instagram/kasha_grimes

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