Mum's hilarious list of rules for 18-year-old's holiday

Francesca Specter
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Revellers in Magaluf; the concerned mother's text (inset). [Photo: Getty/Twitter]

A mum is being praised on social media for her heartfelt but hilarious advice for her 18-year-old son’s holiday to Magaluf.

Finlay Brokie, 18, from Fife in Scotland, shared his mother’s ‘rules’ for his upcoming holiday to Magaluf.

Magaluf, a resort town in Mallorca, Spain, is a world-renowned party destination, particularly for people in the UK.

Finlay shared a series of text messages sent to him by his mother Lisa ahead of his trip – in a post captioned “Ma maws rules fir maga” or “my mum’s rules for Magaluf”.

Beach at Magalluf, Palma Nova, Majorca, Spain

“I’m starting to stress about you going to Magaluf,” Lisa writes, before providing FInlay with some “words of advice”.

Her advice includes laying off alcohol before he arrives at the airport, and remembering to eat.

She includes helpful reminders of her son’s previous mishaps in order to inform her advice.

For instance, her suggestion that he avoid taking his passport out at night is justified by a list of other items he’s lost in the past month: “Two provisionals, three door keys, bank cards, money and a wallet”.

She’s also pragmatic, advising Finlay that if he has to get a tattoo it should be on his bum – so it’s not so “obvious”.

Finally, Lisa warns her son off of boat parties and unprotected sex.

“I love you more than life so have fun but come home safe,” she concludes.

She has been met with an overwhelmingly positive response on social media for her levelheaded advice.

People on Twitter are calling her the “best mum ever”.

People are also remarking on the close bond between mother and son – particularly honing in on the revelation Finlay calls his mum on nights out.

Earlier this year, a husband’s six rules for a happy marriage went viral.

They include never badmouthing your spouse to someone who wasn’t them, and being each other’s biggest champion.

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