'It works!': Mum reveals genius hack to save toilet paper

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A mum has dropped a game-changing household hack that could save many families the mad dash to the toilet paper aisle in future.

Posted to Facebook, the hack slows down the rate of toilet paper use, and has been labelled ‘game-changing’ for shoppers trying to get their hands on the essential during the pandemic, and desperate to make it last once they do.

Woman in France holds toilet paper in front of empty shelf in supermarket. she wears gloves and facemask.
Making a limited toilet supply last isn't easy under coronavirus shopping shortages. Photo: Getty Images

An Aussie mum was forced to come up with a solution when the combination of scarce toilet paper in the supermarkets and her children home from school and relying entirely on the family stash created a serious problem.

Taking to Facebook she revealed the simple hack that with just one movement will transform your toilet paper woes.

“Going through toilet paper faster than usual?” she asked mums in a Facebook budget group.

“Try squashing the roll - so it doesn't spin so quickly and then not as much will be pulled off.”

Hand with wedding ring compresses toilet paper roll, hack to extend supply
A simple flattening of the toilet paper will see your supply last longer. Photo: Facebook

Sharing an accompanying snap of the roll, the mum unleashed a wave of excitement and enthusiasm among the concerned cohort, many of whom took to the comments to vouch for the deceptively easy trick.

“I’ve been doing this for a number of years. It works,” one lady assured the others.

“Mind-blowing!!!” a thrilled woman wrote. “I’m definitely trying this.”

“Will be doing this for hubby,” another shared, adding: “I hear that toilet roll holder spin & I just cringe!”

Squashed toilet paper roll hack slows use of toilet paper.
It may look a little funny, but these mums swear by it. Photo: Facebook

Other hacks for saving toilet paper

Others shared their own methods of rationing toilet paper, and unforeseen but serious new feature of life in 2020.

One mum revealed a line on the wall will give little hands the guidelines they need.

“Draw a line three or four squares down,” she advised. “Easy measurement for all.”

Another shared that removing the roll altogether was an easy fix for the situation.

“[This is the same as] me putting the toilet paper out of my kids reach so he has to yell out to me to ration out to him,” she wrote.

“We don’t put it on the roll as kids use a lot less when it not on,” another agreed.

The hack comes after toilet paper sparked something of a grocery riot both in Australia and overseas in the immediate aftermath of coronavirus being declared a global pandemic.

Foreseeing potentially months of social distancing, many rushed to stockpile essentials, with efforts seemingly directed at stocking up as much toilet paper as possible.

Even weeks on, toilet paper remains difficult to obtain, with supply staying steady, but demand clearing out shelves as fast as staff can stack them.

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