Mum and daughter's shock as pregnancy video backfires

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A mum and daughter’s attempt at creating a viral TikTok video has backfired spectacularly after they made a life-changing discovery on camera.

TikTok user Rylee, who hails for America, decided to film her and her mum taking a pregnancy test together for her TikTok account after he mum accused her of being suspiciously moody and Rylee made her take the test with her.

Photo: TikTok
Photo: TikTok

In the incredible footage, the duo laugh and tease each other while they wait for the tests to develop.

“They’re going to be negative,” a confident Rylee says.

When they pull out the test however, it was mum, and not Rylee, who was left staggered.


“Oh my god I’m going to freaking cry,” she says as she exits the frame.

“Whatever,” the 24-year-old responds, but is promptly left visibly shocked when she checks her mum’s test, only to read ‘pregnant’.

TikTok viral mums pregnancy test
Rylee was gobsmacked when she read the text's results. Photo: TikTok

That one time I took a pregnancy test with my mom and ended up with a new sibling Lolol,” she captioned the incredible video, which has now racked up a staggering 13 million views.

In a follow-up video Rylee explains exactly how the incredible footage came to be made, and confirms that it is no joke, she has a brand new sibling on the way.

“I’m having a bad week, I’m super emotional, a girl needs her mum,” Rylee explained in the follow.


“So I go to her house for the weekend and she has the audacity to accuse me that I’m pregnant – although I was late.”

Image of Rylee TikTok mum pregnancy announcement viral
Rylee later explained the backstory. Photo: Instagram

“So then, of course, she makes me take a pregnancy test and then that b*tch goes you know what I’m also late,” she continues.

Rylee explains she suggested they both take a test and film it, sure that once they got their negative results they could celebrate with some wine.

Rylee later explained that her mum made her retake the test, sure her daughter has switched them over, but the news was irrefutable.

“That’s on being 24 with my mum’s sixth baby due in March,” Rylee laughed in her follow up video.

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