How Much Would It Cost to Eat at 'The Bear?'

Chef Carmy Berzatto (Jeremy Allen White) wants The Bear, his titular restaurant on FX’s dramedy series, to be one of the best restaurants in Chicago (and eventually the world, but Chicago to start).

In Season 3, the restaurant opens to the public, and right out of the gate Carmy is relentlessly pushing toward quickly achieving an ambitious goal: he wants a Michelin star.

The Michelin Guide is a restaurant and hotel recommendations guide published by the Michelin tire company that answers the question, “is this restaurant worth taking a special trip to in your car that has Michelin tires?”

The Guide rates fine-dining establishments on a three-star system: one star for "High-quality cooking, worth a stop"; two stars for "Excellent cooking, worth a detour"; and three stars "Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey.” The stars are very hard to get, and only a few thousand restaurants in the world have them. In the United States, there are 177 one-star restaurants, 33 two-star restaurants, and 13 three-star restaurants as of 2024.

The stars are highly desirable for restaurants because of the amount of business they bring in and the prestige they bestow. But they also cause chefs a lot of stress, because it can be difficult to meet the increased demand a star results in, and because they’re difficult to maintain. Sounds right up Carmy’s alley, doesn’t it?

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The Michelin Guide’s level of excellence doesn’t come cheap. To eat at a restaurant in the guide isn’t a trip to Texas Roadhouse (no disrespect to Texas Roadhouse, which is a terrific chain, but a very different dining experience). If you want to eat at a restaurant like The Bear, here’s what it will run you.

Jeremy Allen White as Carmen 'Carmy' Berzatto in 'The Bear' Season 3<p>FX</p>
Jeremy Allen White as Carmen 'Carmy' Berzatto in 'The Bear' Season 3


How much would it cost to eat at the restaurants in The Bear?

In Season 3, Episode 2, Carmy actually says exactly what it costs to have dinner at the Bear. It’s a nine-course menu for $175 per person. Richie (Ebon Moss-Bachrach), the restaurant’s front-of-house manager, agrees that this is a good price—and for him to agree with Carmy, you know it must be spot-on. With drinks, tax, and tip, dinner at The Bear is going to cost at least $250 per person.

Carmy is targeting one Michelin Star for The Bear. (It takes time to build up to three stars.) Looking at the Bear’s comparable real-life one-star restaurants in Chicago that serve “contemporary” food, $175 seems like an accurate price. Atelier serves 10 courses for $170-190 per person. Schwa will run you $165-215 per person. Elske is a little more affordable, at $125 per person, plus a $60 wine pairing or $30 non-alcoholic pairing. Esmé is more expensive, at $265 per person.

The Bear isn’t real, but Ever, the restaurant where Carmy used to work that plays a major role in Season 3, is. In the show, Ever is a three-star restaurant, but in real life it’s a two-star, run by chef Curtis Duffy. Dinner there costs $325 per person for 8-to-10 courses. Parade’s Alani Vargas ate there last year, and described it as “a tailored experience that makes you feel like that night’s dinner is just for you.”

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And if you want a three-star experience from a restaurant featured in The Bear, you can go to the one where Carmy worked before he returned to Chicago. Dinner at The French Laundry, in California’s Wine Country, ranges from $391-1201 per person. The French Laundry’s legendary chef, Thomas Keller, makes a cameo appearance in The Bear Season 3. He’s the chef who teaches Carmy how to prepare roast chicken.

These prices may seem expensive—and they are—but they’re not a rip-off. These restaurants use the highest quality ingredients that are prepared and served by highly trained professionals. You’ll have an incredible experience, and you definitely won’t leave hungry.

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