'Slap in the face': MasterChef star slams awkward snub

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As things heat up in the MasterChef kitchen one former contestant has slammed the reality show’s labelling of one of the chefs.

Adam Liaw, who won the second season of MasterChef in 2010, took to his Twitter account last night to live tweet his way through the episode.

Adam Liaw wins MasterChef with Callum Hann coming in second
Adam Liaw has slammed the show snubbing the fact that Callum Hann won the All Stars series in 2012. Photo: Channel 10

However, the 41-year-old had a bee in his bonnet about how the show labelled Callum Hann, captioning his bit to camera with the fact that he came second in season two.

“Captioning Callum with "2nd in Season 2" is a real slap in the face to his #MasterChefAU All-Stars win in 2012,” he wrote.

Indeed, a 22-year-old Callum took out the top spot of the All Stars series in 2012, beating season three winner Kate Bracks and season one contestant Chris Badenoch to take out the top spot.

Callum Hann on MasterChef All Stars
Callum Hann won MasterChef All Stars in 2012 at the age of 22. Photo: Channel 10

Callum won $20,000 for charity and showed how much of a team player he is by donating $10,00 of his winnings to Chris’ chosen charity.

People on Twitter were left scratching their heads last night with many saying they can’t remember the all stars season at all.

“No one talks about All-Stars and I was beginning to believe it was a fever dream I had one night,” one person said.

“Wait! There was an All Stars? I thought this season was the All Stars,” another said.

The confusion forced Adam to come back online and Tweet: “#MasterChefAU All-Stars (2012) was a real series that happened and you can't just pretend it didn't like all the Star Wars movies with the ewoks.”

Callum also came online to tweet Adam, simply saying: “I hear you mate”.

Last night, fans of the show were left shocked when favourite Dani Venn was eliminated.

Choosing not to play her immunity pin and back herself, Dani’s son-in-law eggs with Thai chilli jam didn’t impress the judges and she was sent packing.

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