'That backfired': MasterChef favourite's major misstep

MasterChef fans have been left gobsmacked after a major gamble by a series favourite backfired spectacularly and saw her sent packing far earlier than expected.

After winning immunity in the shows first episode, Danni Venn looked to be a shoo-in for the series tough final rounds, but a huge gamble on last night’s episode saw the mum of two fall short of her expected run on the show.

Danni Venn wears immunity pin before being eliminated MasterChef All Stars 2020
Danni was sent packing after she chose not to play her immunity pin. Photo: Ten

After her miso eggplant failed to impress in the pressure test on Sunday’s episode, the wholefoods cook found herself in the elimination round, but shockingly chose not to play her immunity pin, despite the challenge’s truly strange brief.

The challenge called for a ‘gooey dish’, and as it turned out Danni’s roll of the dice came up short. rolling the dice but coming up short.

Her son-in-law eggs dish was more ‘runny than gooey’ according to the judges and the chef was sent packing with her immunity pin still on her apron, now no use to her.

Danni's son-in-law eggs too runny say judges
Danni's son-in-law eggs didn't do it for the judges. Photo: Ten

“At least, you know, it will become the legend of Dani Venn and the immunity pin,” the bubbly wholefoods cook joked as she left the kitchen.

Fans gobsmacked at major gamble

Fans were gobsmacked at the major gamble the chef took and flooded social media with their disbelief.

“Danni should have played her pin,” one wrote, echoing hundreds of others’ comments.

“She should [have] used her pin,” another agreed. “She rolled the dice. It backfired.”

“So weird to see someone leave the Masterchef kitchen with the immunity pin...” another uncomfortable fan shared.

“Having the pin was her undoing should have played it,” another wrote.

It comes after fans have started to point out contestants they believe to be cracking under the pressure.

Hayden Quinn came under fire after a strange dessert choice saw fans claim he isn’t ‘Masterchef material’.

Similarly, Laura Sharrad has been the subject of scrutiny after fans claimed her penchant for pasta was bordering on ridiculous, with many calling for her to expand her horizons and plat up something different for the judges to assess.

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