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An Aussie dietitian has shared the simple tweaks you can make to almost any meal in order to sometimes nearly halve the amount of calories in them.

Paula Norris, from Melbourne, regularly shares 'Spot the difference' challenges on her Instagram as a way to show her followers how you can eat just as much food but for less calories – if that is your goal.

movingdietitian instagram spot the difference chicken stir fry
These two chicken stir fries are 335 cals different. Photo: Instagram/@movingdietitian

"Both filling, both with adequate protein to keep you full and the lower calorie dish has just as much food as the dish on the left," Paula wrote alongside the photo.

"Can you find 335 calories difference between these 2 meals?"

She goes on to explain the dish on the right has only half a cup of rice, as well as more vegetables and a little less chicken, but adds "both are definitely healthy options for a meal".


Previously, Paula shared a similar photo of a chicken and rice salad, complete with avocado and vegetables.

But can you tell how there is a 300 cal difference between the meal on the left and the one on the right?

movingdietician spot the difference chicken salad
There is a 300cal difference between these meals. Photo: Instagram/@movingdietitian

For the meal on the left Paula used 200g of chicken breast, 1 cup of rice, and half an avocado.

Whereas for the meal on the right she only used 100g of chicken and added black beans to boost the protein content.

She then only used half a cup of rice and a quarter of an avocado, while doubling the amount of carrot, lettuce and cucumber instead.

moving dietitian Paula Norris, from Melbourne
Paula Norris, from Melbourne, regularly shares 'Spot the difference' challenges. Photo: Instagram/@movingdietitian

The 'Spot the difference' posts are popular among her 113K followers online, with many regularly thanking Paula for the ideas.

"I absolutely love these examples keep them coming please!" one person commented.

"This is great advice, just up the amounts of food with protein source and lower amounts of food which has a lot of calories and doesn't have big volume," another wrote.

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