Mountain Dew Has 3 New Flavors Coming Soon

Summer sipping is getting even sweeter.



Even though summer is, unofficially, bookended by major patriotic holidays, every year, the biggest celebrations fall on the middle-of-the-season one: Fourth of July. That means, by July 4, every brand is busy trying to have their red, white, and blue products and summer flavors released.

Because the summer limited-time offerings tend to be customer favorites, the earlier they hit shelves, the better. We love the extra time to grab LTOs, like Ketchup-flavored Doritos and fruity Aruba Jam Sprite, outside the true summer months.

So, all you Mountain Dew lovers out there will be pleased to learn the brand is launching its summertime flavors early, too. While you might have thought this year was all about the Baja Blast—and it kind of is—Mountain Dew is releasing three new summer flavors, in addition to the tropical Baja additions that hit shelves this spring.

This summer, you’ll find new Mountain Dew Red, White & Blue flavors on shelves nationwide. Because what screams “America” more than patriotic-themed soda?

Mountain Dew Launches Red, White, and Blue Flavors

The new limited-edition flavors include red Mountain Dew Star Spangled Splash, white Mountain Dew Freedom Fusion, and blue Mountain Dew Liberty Chill. While Mountain Dew does sell bright-red Code Red and ice-blue Voltage flavors, the summer red, white, and blue flavors are marketed as new.

<p>Mountain Dew</p>

Mountain Dew

Its Star Spangled Splash soda features a combination of berry flavors, the Freedom Fusion drink is a mixture of lemonade and peach flavors, and the Liberty Chill pop is a fruity blend of 50 flavors. While Star Spangled Splash and Freedom Fusion are all-new, it does seem like Liberty Chill has been sold before in 2019 and 2020, just under the name Liberty Brew. However, it’s unclear if the 50-flavor Dew was changed for the new launch.

The new flavors mark the fourth and fifth USA-inspired flavors that Mountain Dew has released, which have included DEW-S-A, Liberty Brew, and Summer Freeze. However, this is the first time Mountain Dew has rolled out separate red, white, and blue flavors rather than one over-arching summer beverage.

Maybe it’s because of the upcoming Summer Olympics in Paris—or maybe it’s because other brands have seen success with special red, white, and blue-themed packs.

Truly launched its Red, White & Tru hard seltzers last year, which featured Cherry Pop, Blue Razz, Lemon Ice, and Peach Fuzz flavors. The product won “Best Hard Seltzer” in the 2024 Product of the Year Awards, so Truly brought it back this year with a new Cotton Candy-flavored seltzer in place of peach. However, the OG case’s flavors sound pretty similar to what Mountain Dew is launching this year—and we can’t blame the soda brand for hoping for the same flavor success.

The red, white, and blue Mountain Dew sodas hit shelves nationwide this month at all major grocery and convenience stores. The flavors will be available in 20-ounce bottles and 12-ounce cans for a limited time.

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