Best Mother’s Day gifts for cool (not regular!) mums

Mother's Day 2020 just got a whole lot easier thanks to our awesome gift guide.

Here are some great gift suggestions for all the mums who pride themselves on being, well...not ya average Ma!

Boden spotty cashmere jumper, $240

Woman on a bike wearing a Boden spotty cashmere jumper
Boden spotty cashmere jumper. Photo: Boden

Every mum loves a nice bit of cashmere – pity most of the stuff on offer is stuffy and stitched-up. Not this gorgeous spotty jumper from Boden. Not only is it made with cashmere sourced from inner-Mongolia (that’s the good quality stuff), it’s also manufactured to be machine-washable. We’re in love.

Cool coffee cup, $16

green and purple coffee cup
Cool coffee cup. Photo: Bouffants & Broken Hearts

Mum will absolutely love this gorgeous statement travel mug from Bouffants & Broken Hearts, made from new bone china and silicone – it’s perfect for on-the-run sipping. Illustrator Kendra Dandy has provided the design for this cute cup, and we’re loving its bright, retro stylings.

Mums and kids twinset t-shirts sets, $108.90

Grey and black duck T-shirts
Mums and kids twinset t-shirts sets. Photo: Twisted Twee

How cute is this Duck and Duckling T-shirt twinset from Twisted Twee? It’s the perfect gift for new mums who might like to go all ‘matchy matchy’ with their little ducklings. Mum’s tee comes in sizes small to extra large, while the mini version comes in 0-6, right up to 9-10. All together now...naaaaw!

Camisole boxer set, $139

Woman wearing a green and white camisole boxer set
Camisole boxer set. Photo: Willow

This cute, striped camisole and boxer sleepwear set from Willow is just MADE for lounging. Spoil mum on her big day with breakfast in bed, and gift her this cute set for maximum brownie points.

Trivia kit, $14.99

Trivia kit in a 1980s cassette case
Trivia kit. Photo: Dymocks

Packaged in a cassette case (remember tapes? Mum does!) the kit from Dymocks comes with 40 cards featuring music trivia and ‘next line’ challenges. Perfect for a long-distance Zoom quiz with Mum. BYO mullet and shoulder pads.

Lounge gown, $149

yellow lounge wear
Lounge gown. Photo: Nancygown

Everyone loves lounging. Now mum can do it in style with this gorgeous, organic cotton ‘Lounge gown’ from Nancybird. Not only is it hand-printed, it’s also fully reversible. Two gowns for the price of one – winning!

Lekker E-bike, $2198

Woman riding an electric bikes
Lekker E-bike. Photo: Lekker Bikes

OK, so this is a little on the expensive side, but how great are these Lekker electronic bikes? The Jordaan+ Women’s E-bike is standard fitted with Premium LED lights, kickstand, bell, front and rear rack, fenders and vinyl saddle and grips. And it has a Samsung compact battery! Mum will be positively flying up those hills!

Silk pillowcase, $95

pink silk pillowcase
Silk pillowcase. Photo: Slip

Sleeping on silk pillowcases is the beauty secret of countless celebs, models and influencers – apparently it can stop you getting wrinkles! Now mum can get in on the act too with this gorgeous Slip silk pillowcase. Made from 100% pure silk, it’s of the highest quality and feels absolutely GORGEOUS on your crow’s feet.

Kip and Co slippers, $35

pink fluffy slippers
Slippers. Photo: Kip and Co

Who says slippers have to be daggy? These fluffy little numbers from Kip and Co come in a range of fabulous colours, and have been designed for maximum comfort and bling. They’re 100% polyester, but feature a rubber sole, meaning mum can also rock them down the shops! We’re in love!

SowNSow seeds, $9.95

Mother's Day seeds
Seeds. Photo: SowNSow

Say it...with seeds! We’re in love with great Aussie company, SowNSow, who make gorgeous giftable seed packets. They’ve released a Mother’s Day Snapdragon selection, complete with stunning packet illustration by Daniella Germain. This is the gift that keeps on giving, and is sure to bring a smile to mum’s face.

Wine, $21.99

Jacob's Creek wine in an ice bucket
Jacob’s Creek Better by Half. Photo: Jacob's Creek

The new Jacob’s Creek Better By Half range is half the calories and half the alcohol of similar wines – that’s 5.5% and 36 calories per 100ml glass – which is a winner in our eyes. If your mum is all about moderation but still loves a sneaky glass of wine, this gift might just put you in her good books. Available from Liquorland and First Choice.

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