Mother-daughter duo always mistaken for sisters

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A Korean mother with youthful looks says she is constantly mistaken for being her daughter's sister.

Lee Sun Jin, from Seoul, regularly leaves her followers astonished when posting pictures online, but she has now gone viral after revealing her real age.

Photo: Viral press/Australscope
Photo: Viral press/Australscope

The 51-year-old has amassed more followers after clarifying that the young woman she's with in many of her pictures is not her sister - but in fact her daughter.

Plenty of her followers were quick to leave comments on her photos confused by how she was able to “stop the signs of ageing”.

The mother, who works as a Dentist, said her secret to having a youthful look is regular skincare and a balanced lifestyle.

Photo: Viral press/Australscope
Photo: Viral press/Australscope

The pair having many online admirers for their physical appearance, but also for their great relationship after Lee Sun revealed they weren't always this close.

The mother and daughter were invited to a South Korean reality show earlier this year where they were asked to express their feelings about each other.

Sun Jin shared that her daughter doesn't talk to her that much when girl started middle school because she is resentful of her mother whom she thought was "too focused on social media and looking good."

The two patched things up with each other after the show and more photos of the pair having a great time were seen on Sun Jin's social media after that.

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