Most popular sex positions to try this Valentine's Day

With Valentine’s Day almost here, there is no better time to heat things up in the bedroom and try something new with your partner.

And it seems couples are keen to mix up their love lives with Google searches for new sex positions increasing by 88 per cent over the past month.

passionate couple is having sex on bed
Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to try a new sex position. Photo: Getty

If you're stuck with how to make the day, night, or the whole weekend, extra special for your other half, a mind-blowing time in the boudoir is certainly a fun place to start.

To help you spice up your sex life, the team at SlotsUp have shared some top trending positions to celebrate Valentine's Day with a bang.

Lotus sex position - for the mindful couple

This position is basically like having sex during a hug - sounds cosy, right?

The Lotus will require each partner to wrap their arms and legs around each other. The strongest person should be on the bottom and be able to hold the weight of their partner.

While the person on top should be able to use their hip and legs to grid against their partner in a slow, sensual movement.


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Are you keen to try one of these top trending sex positions? Photo: Getty

The Splitting Bamboo - for the lazy couple

In a world full of weird and wonderful sex positions and kinky fetishes, here’s yet another one, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

The splitting bamboo involves the strongest partner starting in a sitting position with their partner’s legs around their waist. - you don’t even need to leave the couch.

Once in position, the strongest partner then lifts their leg up right, with the other on their knees rocking slowly back and forth.

The Plough - for the experimental couple

If you’re feeling a little bloated from your Valentine’s meal but still want to bring some flair into the bedroom, the plough could be the position you’re looking for.

This position requires one partner to lie at the end of the bed with legs hanging over the edge. Once in position, the other partner must stand, lifting the legs of the other, bringing them towards their hips, whilst moving in for penetration.

To make the experience more pleasurable for both parties, the partner lying down must raise themselves off their elbows to create a higher position. This sexual act is for the standing partner to take full control - so lie down and relax.

new sex positions
Here's some visual guidance if you need! Photo: Supplied

Catherine wheel position - for the adventurous couple

Forget about your go-to position and try something new, with the Catherine wheel that’s guaranteed to bring you closer to your partner, both physically and mentally. For this position, both partners must remain seated.

Start by facing one and other, lean back and manoeuvre your bodies until penetration is possible.

You and your partner then need to tightly wrap your legs around one and other, resting your hands on the bed for additional support. Start off with a gentle rubbing or grinding motion until climax is reached by both partners.

The Bridge - for the flexible couple

What defines Valentine’s Day sex positions, you ask? Well, it requires more than some sexy cupid-inspired lingerie. A true V-Day position is all about experiencing intimacy with your partner. The bridge is not one for the weak, this position requires both strength and flexibility.

Firstly, the strongest partner must create a bridge shape, by bending over backwards. Then the second partner must climb on top, straddling them to achieve penetration. Both partners must work together to create grinding friction to get the job done.

Who knew bending over backwards for someone could be so romantic?

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